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Hysterectomy - total or partial or none - opinions please

Hi all,

We are Indians living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently we are in India to spend time with family during Xmas and New Year.

My wife has a large fibroid - to quote the MRI "Uterus is anteverted. A large exophytic fibroid with extensive cystic degeneration measuring 71 x 56mm noted in the fundus. Prominent flow voids seen along the anterior and posterior aspect of the fibroid suggesting increased vascularity". This fibroid has grown from 26mm to the present size in two years.

Doctor gave three options - (1) to cut off blood supply to fibroid / (2) remove only the fibroid / (3) remove the entire uterus. Doctor recommended to do the operation laparoscopically. My wife wanted to go for option (3) so that she will not have any more worries about fibroids in future.

My wife also has one gall bladder stone measuring 15 x 14mm. Doctor suggested that as long as this is not giving any problems - leave it alone. My wife wants to remove this also at the same time - to avoid undergoing the stress of another operation at a later date.

Both of my wife's ovaries are normal. However there is one cyst "measuring 40 x 29mm in the left adnexa posterior to the left ovary" (quote from MRI report - i do not understand what that means). This cyst has more or less remained the same size for the past two years.

My wife is 37 with no other complaints and we have completed out family - one daughter and one son.


1) Can such a large fibroid be removed laparoscopically?
2) Can both - fibroid / uterus and gall bladder be removed at the same time? How will it affect the recovery period?
3) What would be best option - total hysterectomy (uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes) or partial (uterus and fallopian tubes only)?
4) Can we wait till August to do the operation - doctor is worried about the statement - "Prominent flow voids seen along the anterior and posterior aspect of the fibroid suggesting increased vascularity" and degeneration in the middle. August is the yearly school holidays for my children - if we do the operation now my children have miss school for one month.
5) Any ideas how long the recovery period will be? My wife is a house wife - but she collectes my children after school and takes them to various classes in the evening.

Any ideas / suggestions / opinions would be very much welcome.

Thanks and Regards

S. Joseph
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I hope you get some good answers from women who have had hysterectomies, but in her shoes I would tend to ask the doctor if my uterus and the one ovary could be removed but leave the other ovary in place.  I'd be guided by the doctor's advice on the gall bladder question (whether it could be removed at the same time) but would not wait seven months to address the fibroid.  Will unless going on birth-control pills stop the fibroid's growth?  (Again, that is one to consult with the doctor about.  I don't know if fibroids are related to hormones or not.)  If there is no way to stop the growth of the fibroid, I would not wait such a long time to address it.  Is there no one who can help get the children to and from school?
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Dear AnnieBrooke,

Thanks for the feedback.

Ovaries - Doctor is not suggesting to remove the ovaries - both ovaries will be left alone. Only the Uterus and fallopian tubes will be removed - we are not sure about cervix - is it good to remove the cervix also?

Gall Bladder Stone - Doctor told it should be a problem removing the Gall Bladder Stone along with the Uterus. We are worried about the recovery and would like to get some feedback if anybody has faced this problem before.

Fibroid - Doctor is telling that, as long as there is no major pain or discomfort because of fibroid it is better to wait - but the Doctor is worried about the degeneration in the center of the fibroid and the "increased vascularity" bit in the MRI report.

And I do not think fibroids are related to any hormones.

Children - As we are living in Kuala Lumpur with all our family members in India - there is no one else to pick up the children from school (I will be dropping them in school). And my son still needs mummy's cuddles after school.

Hope to get more feedbacks.

Thanks and Regards

S. Joseph
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If possible I would definately leave ovaries. I had my uterus removed 8 yrs ago, and it really was happy days until mid 2009, when I started suffering from ovarian cysts. My ovaries were eventually removed in November 2009, and the past 12 months have been a continuos battle with health problems. I am so thankful that I had 7 years pain free after hysterectomy, but If I could go back to last year, I would definately try to have saved one of my ovaries if possible. Surgical menopause is absolutely revolting, and I wish your wife all the best with her surgery. Oh and she definately needs as much help as possible to heal properly.
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Dear Wannasmile63,

Thanks for your feedback.

Doctor is not planning to remove the ovaries. When you removed your uterus - was it by laparoscopy or some other procedure?

What was the recovery period like - what precautions should my wife take during the recovery period?

Thanks and Regards

S. Joseph
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Im gonna answer about gallstone first. one of the common causes is too many hormonal changes in a short period of time, ie) I got one when I in one year was on the pill, pregnant, miscarried, pregnant again, gave birth, breast feed, stopped breast feeding.

I agree with your wife Id want the stone out at same time also, it is possible/likely they will remove entire gallbladder.

Surgical menopause is different for every woman. Can range from horrid to a few weeks to adjust. ( my case)

I will answer rest of your questions on the pm you sent me
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Dear all,

Thank you all for your messages and support. My wife underwent operation yesterday - her uterus along with fibroid and cervix was removed along with the cyst that was behind the left ovary. Both ovaries are fine and were left in place.

We did not remove the gall bladder stone this time - as the symptoms were only mild and not regular.

She is sleeping and recovering.

Thanks and Regards

S. Joseph
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Very good news!
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Great news!
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