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Is it pointless to start HRT 6 years after complete hysterectomy ?

I’m 47, I had a complete hysterectomy 6 years ago (both overdoes, filopion tubes, uterus) due to endometriosis. I have not done any HRT but have had the hardest time with anxiety, hot flashes, brain fog, fatigue, achy joints. Is it pointless to start HRT now 6 years later?
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I would not consider it pointless. Did you know that women's ovaries produce hormones a woman's whole life? These hormones protect us from a number of health problems such as heart disease, mood disorders, memory and cognition problems to name a few.  I also had a hysterectomy (not for endo) and it turned my life upside down. I personally cannot imagine trying to stop taking estrogen. I wonder if I should also use testosterone since post-menopausal ovaries produce mostly testosterone, some of which can be converted into estrogen.  

I hope this helps.
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You can share your experience of how hysterectomy caused a whole new set of problems as part of the HERS Foundation's In My Own Voice project. Go to HERSfoundation dot org and click on "In My Own Voice."
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