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Pelvic Organ Prolapse, cystocele, urethrocele, and rectocele

I was diagnosed by the Urologist I see with, pelvic organ prolapse; bladder prolapse (cystocele) and urethral prolapse (urethrocele) and rectal prolapse (rectocele). He stated that surgery would be the only option to corrent these problems. He suggested a plastic ring thing but this does not interest me at all. He said my bladder was extending past pelvic bone during stress situations (coughing, sneezing). I am scheduled to see my GYN in a week and a half and the Urologist said she will make the surgery decisions with me. He said if she calls him in for the bladder part of the surgery then he will assist. I will have a  hysterectomy also.

Has anyone else been through this type of surgery? Any pointers? I have talked with my sister and friends that have been through similar surgery and they gave me a range of 1 week to 2 months of recovery time. None of them had as many things go wrong, prolapse, so they said they did not know much else except their experience. Makes sense.
This is why I would really appreciate any information any one out there has regarding the three prolases I have had happen and any pointers they can give regarding the surgery.

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I'm also curious if you've had surgery yet (I'm new to this forum and just starting to look around and found your post). If you see a urogynecologist, they can address any and all of the POP issues you have (there are 5 types of POP, you can have any combination of them). This is the specialist for this condition, gyns, urologists, and gastros can all be good surgeons and can do some of these surgeries, but it just makes sense to me to see the physician that is specifically trained in this arena. The other questions you have are best addressed by a urogyn as well because the answers you will get are going to depend on exactly what types of POP you have, what type of surgery will be done to repair them, and your unique circumstances. I had a rectocele, enterocele, and cystocele repaired in 2008 and it was 3 months b/4 I could resume sex or exercise even though I was moving around pretty well by 1 month. It takes quite a while to heal up after a major surgery like this but I think it was so worth it, I felt so much better after I was healed.
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Hi!  I was wondering if you have had this done.  I have the same stuff going on with me.  I am very scared to make a decision about what to do.  How long will recovery take, how will sex be after and so on.  Hope all is well and hope to hear good new.

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this is usually done w a gyno and urologist on board so that part sound right. the hyster and bladder prolapse are "clean surgerys" the rectocele is not , being in such close proimity and w other areas being freshly operated on some choose to have the rectal surgery seperatly after the first two are healed. I am gonna be honest, a hysterectomy is very painful (for most ) for fisr 1-3 weeks to add two surgerys on top of that Id hesitate. I had a internal and external hemmoroidectomy and it was a difficult recovery..not the same as yours but its just real delicate tender tissue.Weigh your options resureach and think hard about getting all three at once.

Im not an expert on urology I do now a bladder can sometimes be held up w a sling or a few sutures.

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