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Pros and Cons of keeping and removing ovaries

I am having surgery the end of May and not sure if I should opt to have my ovaries removed or not. I am 46 and my hysterectomy is currently involves only the removal of my uterus due to fibroids. My OB informed me that there is a 15% chance of getting ovarian cancer. Can someone give me some of the pros and cons, I'm right in the middle and can't make a comfortable decision.  Thanks.
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Hi Your question is one I get often its a very very hard choice,,,,

a couple things make it easier if you have these risk factors.
    1. Do you smoke?
    2. Family history of ovarian or uterus cancer?

If you break down 15% its like one and a half chance outta 10..with those odds Id bet on the lottery wouldnt you? Its not a great analogy...but a way to think of it...15% can be a large or small number depending ..

It is hard, harder than normal to diagnosis ovarian cancer when a hysterectomy has taken place, usually its diagnosed due to pain...not from a standard pelvic exam or papsmear,,,a pap only helps rule out vaginal cancer post hyster.  by the time ovaries are hurting from cancer its going to be higher than stage one.

On the flip side.If you keep your ovaries you wont get thrown into a instant surgical menopause...however given your age you probably perimenopausal now and full menopause is likely 5-10 years away at  most.

A lot of women have a very hard time getting hormone replacement right after ovarian removal..it takes trial and error,...all women can be helped some need just estrogen some need more...different methods work better for some..there are patches, sprays, creames,
I used Vivelle dot a estrogen patch..helped me alot...my only symptoms where really bad night sweats  (this tends to happen post op and eases up after bodys not shocked by the surgery) yes they can continue but not as bad as first month...also I had hot flashes mild by what some have described.

Im going to tell you what I would do, If I was you honestly Id tell them to take my ovaries. If you were in your twenties I may say different.

I have a good idea for you, why not post this question in the ovarian cancer forum and see what advice these women have...maybe it will give you some different advice and Im sure more will respond on here

let me know if this helped and stay in touch,
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how many days in hospital for ovarietomy and sling for the bladder?
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most usa hospitals is one night for ovaries, they usually do whats called a bso, bilateral Ooperectomy meaning tubes and ovaries out, dont count on needing bladder sling odds are you will not.
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I'm in the same boat, but I'm only 35.  Keep the ovaries?
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