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I was wondering if I can get some advice. I am 30 years old and just had my 1 week post op appointment on Monday after having an LAVH. I did not get a change to ask my doctor some questions as he was in a hurry during the appointment and running behind. I left him 3 messages since Monday and am not getting any return calls. I was wondering if I can get some general advice on what the limitations are for someone who has just gone through the surgery. I don't know what weight limit I can lift and was just told to take it easy. Can someone just give me the general guidelines please?
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I found this on line:
Recovery from laparoscopic surgery is significantly faster and less painful than recovery from traditional surgery.  After LAVH, you will no longer have any vaginal bleeding. There wil be no hormonal changes when the ovaries are preserved. Most women say that sex is unchanged, or even improves because  of the elimination of bleeding and pain. You may experience some vaginal dryness, which can be treated with estrogen cream and lubricants
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1. your going to be hurting..most likely on narcotics, Narcotics are very binding. You do not want to be constipated, I recommend a full glass of H2O with every pill and one colace every 6 hours again, ask your doctors advice,,most will already be telling you to take stool softner,..not a laxative,,they are too harsh.

2, Your going to be told to do nothing for the first several weeks take it easy,  that as it is literal, Do nothing, rest rest and more rest.

3, This is one time in your life where you must be selfish its all about you, if you dont put yourself first your going to impede your recovery.

3. Immediatley post op you may have alot of trapped gas,,the best way to get rid of it is to walk,just let it go,

4. Absolutley no heavy lifting for 6 weeks no sex for 6 weeks,,

5. You may take a shower no tub baths.,avoid too much heat it increases swelling and bleeding risks

6. Ask for help and take it. let your family and friends help you,

7. expect some swelling and be sure to wear loose comfy close.

8, If you develop a temp over 101 phone your doctor immediatly. If you start to bleed heavy phone him, if your very swollen and you dimple( push finger into skin, if the imprint remains for more that 2  seconds and is deep you may have edema) phone your doctor.

9,Use the ice pack often especially in the beginning it really helps alot with the pain and swelling both

all and all its one tough surgery and recovery, It does get a bit better each and every day. You may feel really good by week 2 or 3 and think you can do some housework, You can not,, wait six weeks, think of the vast void where your organs used to be and how your bodys adjusting to fill it, its working hard,,,all i did one day was fold some towels , lifted nothing and it made me start bleeding and sent me into pain, You are doing yourslef a favor to follow your doctors advice to a T.
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