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lymph fluid in abdomen, post hysterectomy

Hello, I am a 45 yr old female that underwent a radical hysterectomy with removal of lymph nodes for cancer three months ago.  Immediately after surgery, my abdomen, vulva and legs swelled and I was readmitted to the hospital.  They removed my gallbladder, drained some fluid out of my abdomen and gave me IV Antibiotics.  After coming home, I've been experiencing upper and lower abdominal pain that seems to be getting worse.  The lower feels like a deep soreness more than anything.  I have pressure and some pain when urinating and excreting bowel.  CT Scan showed multiple sacs of lymph fluid in my abdomen and vaginal cuff is not healing.  I am concerned that there is an infection or an injury from the hysterectomy surgery.  I see my GYN on 10/30.  Has anyone experienced this?
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I have not had this but I would insist on being seen sooner by my surgeon or I would go to another Dr. for a brand new set of eyes on the situation...your surgeon should see you! You might also go to ER...I would not wait until 10/30! This could all be the normal healing process for you because we do all heal differently but to put your mind at ease ~ Please be seen by a Dr.!
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Hi ipurr2.  That's the sad thing.  I've been to the ER twice and my surgeon is also aware of what's going on.  I live in a very rural area with not a lot of options.  I actually switched to the surgeon I have now because I didn't trust the one that performed the surgery.  Because the surgeon I have now did not perform the hysterectomy, he is hesitant to do anything, although he did make the comment that he didn't want to operate because that would set me back further.   It's all pretty depressing.  I honestly think somebody has to go back in abdomen and see what's going on and maybe stop lymph leaks.  I would seek a doctor out of the area, but I don't know where to start. Thank you so much for replying.  This has been such nightmare and I was hoping to find somebody that had a problem with lymph fluid and pain.
I do deal with pain in my pelvis and have for over 30 years now...I don't have any idea on the lymph side of things...but I do share in your frustration in being brushed off or dismissed by Dr.'s! You just have to keep seeking for a Dr who will help you! It took me 13 years to find the first one and then 7 after my hysterectomy for endo to find a dr. who would hear me and go in and take a look..I was correct that my endo was still aggressively destroying my pelvis....so go with your gut if something feels wrong it most likely is! I saw 100's of Dr.'s through the years and have had to travel out of state at times! Don't be afraid to do that...definitely get to a different area of Dr.'s and keep going to as many as you have to until you find one that will help you! Perhaps a new oncologist will be able to help you figure this out! Keep seeking and if a dr. dismissed you let it go and move on to the next! You will find one to help you! Hang in there I know how hard this can be when you can't find a Dr. to help...keep seeking. Join as many forumns as you can because some have Dr.'s lurking and learning this was how I found one of the best Dr.'s who I traveled to have surgery with and this Dr. got me closest to ok that I think possible! Hope this helps!
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