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menstruation and fibroids and bloating

does anyone deal with fibroids and have an awefully painful period including heavy flow and large blood clots?  i have it for like usually 12 days straight... with the first 2 days spotting then like 7 days heavy, heavy, heavy and then like 3 days of light to spotting ... and with painful cramping the whole times.. i had the endometrial ablation done and it was 6 weeks of hell and then i still had no improvement.  i was supposed to go to the next yrly exam but the doc could not make it so they cancelled on me... ( i really did not like him much anyhow bc he almost dropped me onto the floor and he complained that bc i went to grab for his hand for help he yelled at me for almost maybe i might have possibly broke is hand...-- like me falling onto the floor did not matter-- thank God i did not fall-- oy!) i was just wondering if others dealt with this... thanks  chloebelle1010
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Yes many women deal with what you describe, as far as the fibroids go, Id certainly suggest you find a new gyno, his behavior is unacceptable, had you fallen you could of had a law suite
for him to yell at you is terrible. You can report him to state board of health for this if you wish.

As far as the fibroids, you should discuss the possiblilty of other options, one being a chemically induced menopause, cuts off blood flow to fibroids, in effect causes them to shrink, however the medicine to do this has many side effects most commonly it causes rather severe mood swings, such as depression and crying jags.

the other option would, be a hysterectomy which I advise using only as very last choice.
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i am your age and have same problems + endometriosis. i found that 800mg ibuprofen helps with pain and bleeding is very much reduced if you use shepherd's purse and lady mantle extracts during period. it really helps with the bleeding. good luck.
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Hi, I am 31 years old. I had a 9cm fibroid removed june 2009. Got pregnant 7 months later. During my 12 week ultrasound, they found another 5cm fibroid ! Well I had the baby 9/2010.. But now, my periods are 7 days long. The first 36-48 hours HEAVY BLEEDING! I saturate a pad every hour. Everytime I go to urine, blood gushes too, then I feel so lightheaded during these times. the rest of the days taper off. But on the 4th day, it gets heavy again for a few hours and then completely tapers off until day 7. Im anemic, dont know how low my actual iron count is. But I know I walk around feeling like im gonna damn near pass out sometimes. Im weak, dizzy, lightheaded, I have no life basically, other than laying in the bed or on the floor. I figuer it has gotten bigger. I will continue my treatment once my insurance kicks in. Im thinking of a hystorectomy, but my doc said I was too young. Does anybody else experience fibroids, heavy bleeding and anemia symptoms? Also, I dont have much pain during my periods, just heavy bleeding..plus this is causing my anxiety to go crazy!!
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you periods sound like mine. hysterectomy is definitely an option if you do not want more children. i have done uterine artery embolization in hope of shrinking fibroids and dealing with the flow. that might be something to look at. in the meantime, take some iron during your period, it can only help. good luck.
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