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total hyterectomy removal of both ovaries age 39

Hi had total hysterectomy removal of both ovaries at age 39. I am now 59 I've been on hormone replacement therapy every since. I was on patches, estrace pills. cenestin .625 until I went to a dr that did bioidentical hormones. She put me on the patch and I was just losing my hair but surviving then my dr left and I was sent to the only other doctor there and she put me on the Wily Protocol. Well I seemed to do good for 5 years and boom everything went wrong. With Wily you take large amounts of estorgen and porgesterone but once things turned for bad dr stopped everything and just put me on 1mg of pure E2 cream a day with 5mg of progesterone. That was 7 months ago and I'm still sick. I have such stomach cramps they just took my gallbladder out a month ago hoping that was the problem but it didn't. Everytime I put this cream on I get sick and the dr is frustrated with me saying its not the medication but something else wrong with me. The surgeon also did a complete esploratory surgery of my stomach before he removed the gallbladder and everything is good in there. I'm at my wits end I just don't know what to do. It seems the pure E2, 1mg just seems to be broken down some. Lowering the dose makes it worse. Does anyone have any answers to help me out? Also does anyone else take doses like this? Thank you
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Welcome to the community. Unfortunately, the Wiley Protocol uses very high doses of E and P. And the build-up of progesterone in the tissues can cause some long-term problems. You will find evidence of this on the web. Your body may have also gotten very used to high doses of estrogen so you may have to slowly taper down to a lower dose. It is a shame too that you lost your gallbladder as it sounds like it was not the problem.

I hope you can get this sorted out and feel better soon!
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I can't take progesterone at all because it makes me sick...You know your body better then the dr.! If he's not helping you...find another dr.!
I thought about doing the Wiley Protocol...but just never got it done...I agree that you should be tapered to a more normal level rather then just cut off to this dose and that's it...Has your Dr. done a blood panel to compare? Had your dr. checked other things like thyroid, adrenals? You know your body best and if things are not right you know it, so don't be dismissed! Hope you get things to a better place soon!
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