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what is th benefil of a abdominal Hysterectomy

I am going to be having an abdominal hysterectomy very soon .Are there any benefits to it. I am having spotting, I have a very large cysts on my ovary and I am in a good amount of pain everyday.. Dr is removing everything. I am 49 and post menopausal. I have had many ultrasounds D&C biopsy and CA125 blood test. Abnormal bleeding from time to time. Enough is enough and this has only been going on for 6 months. Other than that paps are always normal but this cysts thing is driving me mad..and very painful. I wish there was a better way but the worry I carry is not good..I need to get on with my life and that is the words of my Dr. of 30 years.
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Hi an abdominal hysterectomy is the most invasive form of this surgery, a transvaginal is second best , however I highly reccomend the DaVinci  robotic method, its the best, less scars ( only 4 sm as in 1/4 inch scars) less risky for blood loss, quicker healing. Please talk with your surgeon about this or try to find a dr who is knowledgable and skilled in the method. do a search and you will find tons of info that will explain a bit more, some show videos of the procedure. I had this method and was very pleased with it,

I had cysts too and know how painful they are and you never know when they will flare up.Its frustrating is'nt it?

Very good news on the biopsy and CA125..let me know if you have anymore questions,

If youd like some pre and post op hints let me know and I will pm you, I have lots of advice that most find helpful,


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Thank you for your responce. I did ask why we couldn't do this transvaginal. He says it's too much to take out. I am a very small person. 5.1 and 120lbs. I have gained a little bit of weight over this ordeal. Some bloating. I do have a lot of pain everyday with this cysts.It burns and pinches. Thats the only way I can describe it. It will be nice to have that gone. I am so worried about it. My sister inlaw had the same thing done and says it won't be as painful as I think it will. I have had two c-sections so I sort of remember that. It was back in the early 80s and things have changed so much since then. Just have to take it slow and no lifting is one thing I do remember. I workout 5 days a week at a gym so I am hoping that will benefit me in the long run. I will certainly miss the gym most of all. I hope I can go back soon after if only to walk on the treadmill.
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Hi being physiclly fit will help alot with your recovery. You will not beable to exercise even treadmill for 6 weeks...ask dr when you can resume walking.

the pain varies with individuals, I have had ladies feel just fine day one after surgery, ladies complain surgery causes pain years later (this is from other issues) most feel pretty bad for 2 weeks then it gets better each day, however heal time no matter what method is considered 6 weeks.

You cannot lift, push (vaccume is bad) do too much bending, no tub baths, no heat, limit stairs for first week,

a big problem for most is constipation. the narcotics they will send you home with always cause constipation, best to ask dr before surgery about stool softners, most all advise to take them also increase fiber and water alot, the first bm is scary cause you feel like last thing one wants to do is push from that area.

buy an ice pac..use a barrier like wash cloth put on area of pain for 15 min off 15 min repeat as much as needed, sounds lie it would make things worse but the ice works wonders for pain and reducing swelling.

after surgery there is usually trapped abdominal gas to get it into the intestines walking is the best thing to do just walk hallways (ask nurse they will tell you) and when home walk circles around lower level of house.

be prepared stock up on frozen meals..line up help for children and pets,. Its a great idea to have someone stay with you first 3 days home. I could not even put my own socks on.
and rest alot the less active you are the quicker you heal...good time to watch movies, read etc..first week you will sleep alot,. and thats good healing takes place.

a soft food diet for first few days home is advised.

It is nice when the pain is gone, I had endometrosis, andenomyosis, cysts on ovaries, uterus was attached to bladder had to be peeled off, ovary was addheard to intestines,

You will be ok, just follow all drs advice , they will tell you to do nothing and that is literal. On day 5 I felt ok, had spouse bring me basket of towels all i did was sit on floor and fold them it sent me into agony..we may look ok on the outside but remember there is alot of healing going on inside, where the organs once where things will shift to fill the void.

good luck

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Thank you so much for all the advise. I did have had 2 c-sections and my gallbladder out so I am prepared for someone to put my socks and and take care of me. Except now I am on the heals of age 50. I do workout hard so I am praying thats works for me. I'll keep you posted. Everyone tells me I will feel so much better.
Thanks again.
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  You will DEFINITELY feel better!! I had my abdominal hysterectomy back in 2006,
but I had no idea how much quality of life I had lost with super heavy periods and pain.
My only wish is that I had done it sooner.
Take good care!!
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thanks braveheart. its true most feel very much better and Im about same age as you pjhastj I know I sure dont miss having a period, its great to not deal with !
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The good part is I haven't had a period in about two year now. Just some light spotting twice. My hot flashes have almost stopped. So my dr is hoping that hormone replacement will be minimal and I can stop taking them when I feel like it and start on more natural stuff. He is hoping I am on the other side of menopause. he says I am still very young but that some women go through menopuase young. I started my periods at the age of 12 or 13. So maybe that's why I am going through it so early. I stop having a period when I was almost 47.
Thanks Cherie and braveheart226. This helps me out a lot. Many people keep telling me i am going to feel so much better. I hope so too.
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