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What to expect after extraction?

Hello ladies, I had my extraction today and had 14 eggs. I will be back after 3 days for implantation. I don't know what to expect since this is my first, I hope it will be successful. Your thoughts will be very valuable to me esp those who had IVF before. Yours, Rashel
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Congrats on getting 14 eggs!  First, you will get a call with fertilization report.  Your embryology lab will tell you how many of your eggs fertilized.  Then you typically get a call that tells you whether to expect a 3-day or a 5-day transfer.  With 14 eggs they may not be able to isolate the best embryos by day 3 so you may have to wait till day 5.  After transfer you will have to do a blood test to confirm pregnancy.
Good luck!!!!
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Congrats on your ER(egg retrieval) In addition to what Helen stated, you may feel some cramping and pelvic discomfort. There may also be light spotting which is normal. I see you had 14 eggs retrieved which means you most likely had lots of follicles. Another side effect to monitor for is OHSS(OVARIAN HYPERSTIMULATION SYNDROME). Some of the more prominent side effects are rapid weight gain, abdominal bloating or increased girth, moderate to severe abdominal pain that may come and go, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Tenderness in the area of your ovaries.

Be sure to contact you physician if you experience any of these symptoms. Again it’s not uncommon to feel some discomfort but severe pain is not a good sign. Your RE should also transfer your embies under the guided US technique. Not only will this determine if OHSS is developing but will aid in correct placement of your embies 

Praying for you and sending you some baby dust!!
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Helen thank you for the comment above, i read it too late but you'e right, I did had cramping and I gained weight with the Progynova tablets I was taking. Just to update you, I had 10 fertilized eggs but 1 is not good, i was left with 9. I had 3-day implant of 2, my beta on the 14th day was ok but it didnt double after another check, so my RE said it didn't develop very well. I am up for my 2nd cycle in 2 months - june hopefully. How about you?  
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I am so sorry this cycle did not work.  I hope your second attempt will bring you a sticky bean.

My ivf is on hold indefinitely still; waiting for a cyst to go away.  Hate those things!!!!  :(
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Thanks Helen and yes we are holding on. I had my last check up today and HCG is down to normal level. I'm now back to the gym and keeping healthy for the 2nd cycle in June. I hope that cyst will soon decide to rid you and you'll be off to do ivf, i also a small myoma but its outside the uteri and i'm crossing my fingers that it wont grow bigger.  
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