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Rancid oil

I didnt know that much about olive oil and I used it a lot when I was able to cook, and would buy a big bottle of it. Well, after I was unable to cook, it went bad and I couldnt bring myself to throw away the oil, so I looked it up and found out you can make little lights that dont smoke (so they say). You take a small glass oven safe bowl like a custard dish and put the oil in it and put one cotton ball in it and dip it so its all wet. Then pull a bit of the cotton ball up (squeezing off the excess oil for that part) and it will be the wick. Light it and wa-la...
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yes I can imagine they would work well thing is I will use up all my oil before it goes rancid ...lol good idea though .Its such an awful price now ,.
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Two good places for affordable olive oil:  Trader Joe's and Big Lots.  Both sell affordable extra virgin olive oil.  I also use mine up before it has a chance to go rancid.  It is very important not to buy too much at a time.  The liter bottles that are sold at Trader Joe's and Big Lots are about the right size.  One of those will last a one or two person household about a month.  But, it's still okay to buy more than one liter for a one or two person household in a month, because it still won't have a chance to go rancid before it's used up.  Getting two in a month just ensures you don't run out before the next payday.  The following month, you only buy one bottle.  Problem of running out solved.  Budget issue solved.  Problem of oil going rancid solved.  

Keep the bottle out of light when not in use.  Light and air are bad for olive oil.
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