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Delayed Rabies PEP, how long before I know I'm fine?

A month ago I was lightly bitten in the knee by a street dog in rural Thailand. As I was traveling and the wounds were only small I didn't really pay much attention to it.
6 days later I found out that the area the attack occurred is endemic for rabies. I kinda panicked and quickly started vaccination at a local public hospital. 5 doses on day 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28.
I was not prescribed immunoglobulin. Later that day I decided to visit a private hospital for the immunoglobulin. I opted for the purified equine version for budgetary reasons.
Since then I have had awful bouts of nausea and general malaise and weakness and all kind of weird other short lived symptoms such as a rash and swollen lymph nodes in the groin. It mostly comes a day or two after the vaccine injection and gets a bit better 3 days later. Never any fever though. Exactly a week ago I had my 4th injection and as expected the same thing happened but I faded after only two days and thought the worst was over.
Then yesterday I started feeling an annoying light pain in the bitten knee and I get myoclonal spasms when I relax the leg. Mostly in the affected leg but occasionally also in the other leg and in my abdomen.

So now I'm started to freak out again. Did I wait too long with the PEP? Could it be paralytic rabies? Or is my anxiety just causing these symptoms in conjunction to a bad vaccine reaction?

I started vaccination 3 weeks ago, am I correct that by now my antibodies should be sufficient to fight of any rabies in my body, should it be in me?

Thanks for any advice!!!
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It sounds like you have done everything possible to prevent rabies infection, and the PEP is highly effective.  Most of the issues you describe are potential side effects of the injections: https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/medical_care/index.html

I'm not finding any concrete information on how long is too long to wait, but all sources state that no matter how long it has been, you should still get the vaccinations.

You can ask a doctor to check your titers, which will determine whether you have formed sufficient antibodies against rabies.  If you have, that should ease your concerns.
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Thank you for your kind reply CurfewX. Unfortunate no hospital or lab where I live is offering the rapid titer test, all day 24 day wait. That means I need to take a flight to Bangkok to have it checked, which is costly. I understand in the US labs offer bio sending kits to diy. Unfortunately I haven't found any in Thailand. I may try some vet clinics...
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