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I'm confused

Do I need to take rabies vaccine. I live in India and today I went to a local hairdresser. Suddenly a small puppy came from nowhere the puppy spine was heavily wounded. The whole skin was eaten by some animal I think. My hairdresser with good intention went to put phenyl on the wound. During pouring phenyl on puppy it splashed on his hand after hitting dog. And he didn't washed his hand and directly started cutting my hair. Now I'm fearing what if some virus after hitting his hand came in touch with my skin through hairdresser and cause me rabies because after hair cutting I was left with a abrasions from blade.
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I fear a lot about rabies and hiv. So, I get anxious every time when these kind of incidents happen
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It's my understanding that rabies mainly transfers from bites, cuts or scrapes.  You don't know the dog has rabies and the means that you worry that the hair dresser was infected (a splash) and then that it would transfer to you is not realistic.  This sounds like an anxiety fear. Do you have anxiety a lot?
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Yup, I'm
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