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Rabies Vaccine Neuropathy and Fatigue

Two weeks ago, I completed a set of 4 shots rabies exposure (bat bite).  After each shot, I noticed slight tingling in my hands and feet and stomach pains, but I had to continue the shots.  After the 4th and final shot, my symptoms immediately worsened.

Now two weeks later, I have tingling and numbness throughout my body--even my lips.  I feel achy and sore all over, my jaw hurts so much I can barely open my mouth, and my brain feels like I'm in a fog, half asleep. I'm a very healthy 39 year old, and I'm now worried that this vaccine has ruined my life.  A few days ago, my symptoms stopped getting worse each day, now I'm just living with the same symptoms above with no improvement.  

I went to a neurologist, who tested my reflexes and said they look good but that I clearly have lost some sensation in my hands and feet.  He ordered a brain MRI for next week.  He's not terribly concerned since I don't really have weakness. I'm extremely tired, but I don't feel like my muscles are week.

Has anyone experienced this?  Will this ever go away?  I'm so scared and miserable.  My daughters also had the shots and they have been complaining of legs pains and headaches ever since.  I'm even more worried that my kids will never be the same. At least they don't have the nerve problems that I'm having. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had a similar situation. THANKS!
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The reactions which your daughters are facing (headache and leg pains) are side effects of the vaccine and usually go away 2-3 weeks after stopping the vaccine.

The symptoms which you are feeling are the less frequent side effects. Pins and tingling or paresthesia should respond to multivitamin and vitamin B12.  Body aches should go away soon. Drink plenty of fluids such as water, clear soup etc. Possibility of vaccine causing Guillain-Barré Syndrome should be looked into as you have deep pains and loss of sensations. Treatment involves administration of intravenous immunoglobulins, and supportive therapy for your symptoms. Take care!
I finished my rabies series 3 weeks ago and am still so dizzy. Sometimes I feel like I'm spinning just laying down. I'm nervous about walking and have not been to the gym in 5 weeks due to being so fatigued. Before the bat bite I was working out 4-5 days a week. HELP. Any ideas to get over side effects?
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Thank you so much for your helpful response regarding my concerns.  I have one more question for you.  We are now almost one month post vaccine and my 10 year old has been complaining of daily headaches.  She's never really had a headache before and she rarely complains.  I'm really worried about her.  Her pediatrician isn't terribly concerned, but I'm worried that this vaccine has caused long term problems.  Have you heard of headaches lasting almost a month from the rabies shots?  Thanks in advance.  
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Two days ago I had the 2nd rabies vaccine for getting scratched by a bat.  I can tolerate the headache and mild nausea but I have these horrible pins and needles sensations in my arms and hands and legs and feet.  Now they are in my face and neck area.  How long do they last and what is causing it?  Thank you for any information you can give me as I am very nervous.

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Hi Kokil/Doc,

I had a small scratch by my pet dog (3 months old, not yet vaccinated with the anti rabies) teeth and there was little amount of blood was seen, I have cleaned the wound with the Soap for 5mins and  I got the Tetanus immediately as it happened at night 1:30am . Same day 10:00am I went see my doc and got Rabipur vaccine, but that was administered on my buttock. After that I felt some dizziness and mild fever, it was gone next day.
On day 3 , I got another Rabipur vaccine , after that left part of my body showed mild numbness, next day it spread to my neck and head region it was mild....it got worst next day and bcoz that I was not having proper sleep...
Then I went to Neurologist... he suggested me to observe the dog and continue the vaccine doses and gave gabbapin NT 500mcg tablets daily one till 30days.... those tablets very helpful and I was feeling better while using them , just sore throat was a problem,
after all 4 doses, dog seems TO BE HEALTHY... I have stopped the Gabapin tablets gradually....
after 3 -4 days of stopping the tablets ..... my right hand went worstly numb and flu like symptoms shown up...
its been almost 3 weeks now I stopped taking the vaccine.... still I am hav numbness during night ...
I am very worried whether .... about this numbness .... its intermittently come and going ... any information on this will be much appreciated...

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Tnshopper,  how are you doing now?  I am experiencing the same symptoms post rabies vax.
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Hi, I know this is an old thread but I have started to experience worsening paresthesia over the last 48 - 72 Hours post Rabipur Vaccine. it was the first of my series and I have been advised from my Doctor not to complete the course.

I am really worried that this is going to be long term .. can you please advise on how you have progressed over this time?

I have numbness in waves and worse in the early mornings and late afternoons. ... I have a half way between pins and needles and normal sensation feeling, along with waves a cold sensation in both arms and both lower legs with intermittent pain in my hands and under my feet.  

I did have it in my face and lips yesterday but this doesn't seem to be as bad in my face at the moment but I have those sensations still in my tounge today. I know its only been a few days but its got me really really worried.

any advice from someone that has experienced this would be greatly appreciated

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I also had shots and I didnt even need them I was just paranoid now my arms have constant tingling and weird feelings the arm the shot went in is still hurting 3 weeks after shot and have shoulder pain they gave me this speech that the shots were safer than toddler YEH RITE side affects from this is scary including can cause ms and brain damage  doctors are told not to scare anyone because our government loves vaccines DONT GET EM UNLESS ITS ABSOLUTLY NESSASARY HAVE ANIMALCHECKED BEFORE GETTING SHOTS I promise u will regereat it
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did ur symptoms get any better my arms are so annoying with this tingling crap
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I started the shots a week ago.  Now I'm having numbness cloudy mind and everything passes straight through me.  Not to mention headaches, crazy muscle pains.  Hell I'm not worried I didn't get the shot in time.  
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I got bit by a cat and under quarantine the cat died. The head was mailed to the state and results were positive. Bite occurred on a Wednesday Pm and I started treatment on that Sunday 4 days post exposure. The 2nd day I noticed feeling pain on both sides of my abdomin and also I feel foggy. Like even normal tasks I would make small errors at work and when talking I feel like I have to keep thinking about what I am saying. My body aches and feeling foggy are definitely have think out what I am trying to say. I think to just knowing you have been bit by a rabid animal makes you pay attention to every symptom and makes you fearful PERIOD!! You can't understand it until you are going thru this. Glad to have found this thread.
To Jexxwexxls68 , what happened to you ? It seemed to be a very serious exposure...are you alive ?
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just got the 2nd vaccine with immune globulin yesterday and my right foot and leg are numb and cold.  My foot is dropped.  How can this come on so fast?
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Tnshopper and ATXman  hows your symptoms??? Im also having smptoms like yours help me guys
I've also been exsposed to bat rabies and I believe the medical system messed something up because I'm having kidney pains, needle pain in jaw, muscle twitching, cold chills and cramps. I think the government is trying to kill me like they done in the tuskeegee experiment to the black people.
Hi i am also worried! Got 4 doses of rabipur after 1 month of exposure! 4 days after, after finishing my vaccine i took alcohol then the next morning I felt like my left feet feels funny and now it's been almost 2wks and still experiencing this and my arms were also achy but my right legs doesn't have a problem! I am afraid that the alcohol and vaccine reaction has ****** me up! I'm 18 yrs old! Pls help me!
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This is an old thread. So I'm going to make my story short. On 19th October, 2016 I was running at night when something struck my shoulder (i was wearing a tank top), it showed slight redness but no scratch/broken skin/blood. I went to the doctor on 20th October and she told me to get Rabipur vaccine just for precaution. Well since I've gotten the vaccine, i feel like falling into really short 1 minute periods of sleepiness where i fall into these dreams which i feel are real, my mind is cloudy, i dont know if this is from the vaccine or not but its still happening today on 21 Oct. Should i continue the rest of the doses, I dont know what should I do, I'm scared!
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Did your symptoms go away? Your daughter's? (I hope so!)

Any update on treatment or diagnosis to help others?

I've responded individually to people as they private messaged me, but after 5 years I'm responding again to this group. It took a year for my symptoms to go away, but they finally did. Now, 5 years later, they are back. I had a minor virus and I've had all of the same symptoms again. I'm wondering if a virus can trigger the same immune response from the vaccine. Has anyone had this happen?
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3 months ago I got the complete rabies vaccination post for possible bat bite
I suffered horrible side effects like you all during the 2 week series but improved with symptoms coming and going
Now, nearly 3 months later, I'm worse than I was.
I am extremely lightheaded and dizzy every day, I can't walk in a straight line, my hands are both numb, and I can't swallow
Has anyone experienced this?????
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Hello everyone. I am 30yrs old and I was bitten by a cat last week and received 4 shots on my 1st day and received my 2nd shot 3 days later. I am also experiencing symptoms similar you you guys. I have a prickly feeling in my fingers that come and go. Nausea, stomach ache on and off, I don't really have an appetite like I normally would, and I just overall don't feel 100% like myself. Did any of you guys get nauseas or loss of appetite? I am just freaking out and stressing myself out.
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any recent follow up? i just finished a rabies vaccine schedule and three days after my third shot i noticed muscle twitches all over my body and has not stopped. Thank you
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Don't panic about muscle twitches.

I had these terribly at first after vaccine then they left, then returned 5 months later in FULL FORCE throughout my entire body.

I THOUGHT I HAD ALS... I have never been more terrified in my entire life.  

Tests came back clear on ALS and MS- thank you God.  It has taken most people an entire year to improve. Don't lose faith and remember this too shall pass.
Same here. It's been over six months since  I got anti rabies vaccine. I experienced two months of numbness and muscle twitches after i got the vaccine.  After that it started getting better. But from last week I'm experiencing it again. It's terrifying!
I thought i was the only one with muscle twitches after the vaccine, I couldn't find anything on the leaflet ( rabipur) about this. The doctor also had no idea this could be a side effect. Where did your twitches occur? i have them all over my body but mostly in my legs.
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I hope your symptoms cleared up! Since a dog bite in India 9 weeks ago my life has been turned upside down!
I had the first of 5 vaccines in India 4 hours after the bite (a small tooth wound in my left foot). Had general fatigue, stomach trouble at first then my left leg (where the bite is) started to ache. The aching got worse with each vaccine. I only received much milder aching in my left arm and right foot.
Anyway, I started to worry and this effected my sleep. By the fifth vaccine my head went foggy and felt like it was buzzing and full of tension and the pain in my left leg flared up loads (this lasted about 3-5 days). I was also left with very stiff joints and rashes that would come and go over a few hours.
I was convinced the vaccines hadnt worked and I have rabies as I get tingling and aching om amd off where the bite is but also in the rest of the foot and up the leg. I am not experiencing anxiety as I am so worried.
Exercise and walking long distances makes it worse and it’s also started effecting the nerve in my groin. I still get a foggy head and fatigue from time to time too.
Doctors all brush me off and never look into it so I went to a private doc for a full body check up (they didnt check my footcas much as I’d liked) which all came back good - my blood, heart are all healthy.
My last resort is to go to a private neurologist as I don’t know what else to do. If it was rabies surely I’d have died by now?? I’m so scared and confused if not rabies then what’s wrong with me??
It has been 9 months since I’ve had my vaccine series and I have GREATLY improved (knock on wood) I will have some brief tingling in hands once in a blue moon and that’s about it!
I went through HELL in 2017 and thought I had so many things wrong it was hell on earth
Stay busy and don’t google symptoms and this too shall pass- I promise. Very common side effects
I know! It's extremely terrifying when you get tingling at the bite after vaccination. I went through the same thing. I thought the vaccine didn't work and I had rabies. It's truly traumatic and terrifying.  A street cat scratched me some six months ago and it died days after. I was so scared and got the anti-rabies vaccine. I had really bad side effects for two months - numbness, muscle twitches, back pain, chest pain (some times I thought i was getting a heart attack) and what not! Slowly it started to get better. But last week I started experiencing the same things all over again. I'm scared out of my wits.  I don't know what's  happening and the doctors said there's nothing wrong with me. I'm slowly getting better again. But the thought of getting rabies is truly terrifying. I hope you are feeling better now.
I think the fact that your symptoms come and go and that the bite was months ago means you are having an adverse reaction to the vaccine and do not have rabies, don’t worry.
So, by mid feb this year I was almost back to normal. And now, almost seven months after the bite I feel good. My fitness is better than it’s ever been too, so there is hope!
However, I still get anxiety from time to time and when my mood is low very mild symptoms of the vaccine side effects seem to come back for a few days (tight chest, anxiety, fatigue, sore throat, dizziness) but I believe this too with pass as time goes on.
The vaccine company actually contacted me to get a record of all the adverse side effects I was getting but I just wanted to leave all that in the past.
To anyone freaking out about a bite or the vaccines, don’t worry, it WILL pass. Lastly, I cannot stress how important it is to think positively. As soon as I started to my symptoms cleared up so quickly.
Thank you for your reply! Certainly made me feel better. I hope the symptoms go away soon so that I can concentrate on other things. Thinking positively helps, I know. But sometimes it's really hard to stay positive. I'm glad you are feeling better now. :)
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I recieved the rabies vacc and immunoglobulin in January 2017. I got extremely ill  during the injection period. I had four shots aside from the immunoglobulin. A few days after the initial dose I began to have extreme abdominal pain (like my organs were trying to escape my body), couldn't sleep,  and felt vary weak. By the day of my third injection (2/2/18) I passed out before I even made it to get the injection and hit my head pretty good. Since the last injection I have still been experiencing extreme fatigue, some dizziness, and head fog. These symptoms don't seem to be letting up at all. Anyone else experience similar issues?
I had fatigue and brain fog for about two months. then it slowly went away. However, the muscle twitches are still there. It's very annoying and distracting.  
I finished  last shot of the vaccine on July 23, 2018. My loss of appetite is still apparent as well as extreme fatigue and physical weakness. Prior to, I have lived with vertigo and fybromialgia for many years but there has been a marked increase in dizziness and it just feels like a Fibro flare up.
On August 24th, I met with my regular physician and she informed me that the vaccines can really hit the body hard and was not surprised about my weakness and fatigue. She said all should pass over the next few months.
It was a sick bat behaving unusually that bit me. It could not be caught as it was in an open area.  
No matter what the effects of the vaccine are, it is still far better than dying of Rabies. We can all say, "I fought the Rabies and I won."
You all gave me some answers. I hope your recovery goes better and each of you get your lives back.
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I received immunoglobulin and 5 vaccine shots in May this year, the last of which was on May 28. During the vaccine course, there were sporadic symptoms like diarrhea, mild fever and headaches which did not bother me too much. Immediately after the last shot though, everything flared up.

Like many of you guys, at the beginning I got this pain around the calf area where I was bitten and it ran up to my upper leg which scared me no ends that I had rabies. There was also muscle soreness and twitches all over my body, arm weakness, hand tremor, fever and headaches that seem to, weirdly, alternate with each other (when I'm hot I don't have headache and vice versa), dizziness (I couldn't even turn my head quickly as it would be absolutely buzzing afterwards), concentration difficulty, shortness of breath, tight chest, the list goes on.

Most of those things have gone now, but some other things have surfaced which currently irritate/worry me so much. My body is hot all over, especially in my face and belly, at relatively set times in the day: immediately after I woke up, at noon right before lunch and from 4-5pm until 8-9pm; it's not fever though as my temperature rarely gets above 37C/98.6F.  For the last month I have also had stomach discomfort, not pain, which feels like gas (had a lot of burping) and bloating for the whole day; my breath is also hot. Does any of you experience something like that too or am I having some stomach diseases?

This thread has greatly helped me to stay somewhat calm since I found it. Hope all our things go away soon.
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