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flu vaccine and oscillopsia

ten year old had first flu vaccine and 7 weeks later he was diagonsed with Oscillopsia. After ruling out other causes of Oscillopsia the vaccine comes into play. yet the physicans say it was likey to long after the shot was administered it could not be the cause of Occillopsia. i read that an antibiotic in the flu vaccine (GENTAMICIN) can cause Oscillopsia.  if the flu vaccine caused this will it wear off and my sons vision restored to normal?  please anyboby have in sight on this? or Oscillosia? He does not have nystagnus. he had mri with normal results.  later  an exam by neuro-ophtomologist who diagnosed the oscillopsia. he only said this is what he has and this may go away. May go away is not good enough for any parent to hear.  has anybody heard of any other children getting oscillopsia after the flu vaccine? help.what do i do for him? Thank you.
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Hi, I has a DPT vaccine after the birth of my first baby and developed it. Its been two years and this still hasnt gone. Im now investigating whether there is too muck stress on my immune system. Please see a kinesiologist or similar. Ther may be irritation to the brain stem which is what I have, I also had normal mri. I am now looking at whether root canal began this and the vaccine just tipped it off. Doctors will try to tell you vaccines are safe, I am an RN and I should have known better, they are not safe for some people.
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Hi there, just addding to above comment that I wrote in a hurry. Im not sure whether the vaccine will wear off. Sometimes (this is what I have found to date), there is an underlying stress on the immune system and vaccines can exacerbate this, sometimes a flu can do this or particularly pregnancy in women. Has your son been tested for heavy metals. Also someting I found too is that some dental work eg amalgam fillings and root canal therapy can be neuro-toxic, also aluminium in deoderants etc. Coming back to the vaccine, if there is Gentamycin in this that can definatly cause damage but theis normally has to be given in a very large dose and at a fast rate to cause the problem. Please investigate some alternative opinions and keep an open mind. The body has the ability to fix itself as long as the stimulus is addressed. It is a very distressing condition, I understand, but dont stop looking for answers.
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Hi, has your son’s Oscillopsia gone away? I think my daughter has absolutely same issue :(
Hello and welcome to MedHelp.  Is your daughter still experiencing this symptom?  Damage from antibiotics has been linked to oscillopsia but to date, the flu vaccine hasn't had that linkage.  Please give us an update about your daughter. https://www.healthline.com/health/oscillopsia#causes
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