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Community Etiquette

Posted this to the Depression Community, but realize this may be the appropriate forum....if not, please let me know whom I should send this request to.

I'd like to request the person overseeing this forum to please remind everyone of "Community Etiquette". It's worth a reminder to all of us of the rules, boundaries and limitations (Cesar Milan quote!) when we communicate in a public forum such as this.

Thanks and Merry Xmas and good health to all.
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If you are experiencing problems in a specific community, you can always send a private message to the Community Leader. They can be identified by the purple flower next to their name in that community. The Depression community does have 1 or 2 CL's to help maintain community etiquette.

If someone is being abusive, please report it to the moderators by clicking "Report this" for the post or comment that should be removed. The moderators will review it and remove it if necessary.

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