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Do you need these ads?

I am sick of google's interference on this site. I have strabismus, problems with prisms in my lenses, two fused verterbra in my neck, suspected POTS, and do not need items on my screen chosen by goodle and taking up space.  idm
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Hi there,
So sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with the ads.  Are there certain ads that are bothering you more then others- or are all the ads making it difficult to use the site for you?

Let us know!

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Tks. your response.
Google is not only "making it difficult to view the site".  Google is mistakenly, I would say ARROGANTLY, deciding what I want to see AND THEY ARE TOTALLY MISGUIDED!  I have hesitated, for years, to sign in to google and have only recently met their demand out of exasperation (in my low frustration tolerance 85th year).

I realize that all media seem to need to make money out of advertising but I  tell you that Google is stressing out many of us. I would rather pay you a small fee for access to your service - which I have fully appreciated for many years now, especially your ANS forum.  sincerely, vetiver2
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Hi, vetiver2,

Have you considered using an add-on to block ads when using your browser?


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