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Food/Nutrition Tracker

Many members have suggested a food/nutrition tracker. We hope to launch this tracker in the near future. If you are interested in this tracker, please leave us a comment below and we'll personally let you know when it's available.

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Yes, I am very excited about this tracker and anxious to hear what it will include.
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This would be well used. I know I would use it.
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yes, I would use food tracker.  G
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I would find this a very helpful tool.
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Yes I am also intetested in this tool.  Thanks.
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Yes this would be great it would be good if there was a feature showing all the vitamins and health benefits of each food  could be listed as well as calories/ fat content
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Yes, I'm interested!!
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I think the food/nutrition tracker would be great!  I have Hepatitis C, and have been told that I need to lose [a great deal of] weight (about 60-70 pounds).  Since my only income is from Social Security, my darling daughter has offered to pay for Jenny Craig, Nutri-System...whatever... to help me.  So, if I do get on one these programs, it would help me to have a 'source' to help me plan nutritious, healthy, good tasting meals...AFTER I've lostthe weight.
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Definitely.  This would help me to consolidate some of the resources I have spread all over the net into one place.
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I's appreciate it.  I eat very badly and now I'm planning on having a baby, so keeping track of whether I'm doing a good job would be helpful.  
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yes, please notify me.
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Yes. I would like to be notified
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keep me posted
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I would like to be notified
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Yes please, I would appreciate being notified as well.
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Yes, I would like to be notified.  I've been working on my nutrition for about two years
and it's changing my life.  
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Yes it would be of great help. I would like to be notified
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great idea
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what is a food traker.how dos it work?
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Great idea!  I would love to have one that you enter the amount of each food you ate and it would give you the calories, fat and nutrition facts for each and then totals for the day.  Also if you included suggested amts from the food pyramid to help people know what they should be eating.  Let me know when you get it started.
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A food tracker would be great but please don't base it on the outdated food pyramid and focus on calories and low fat eating...
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Yes, I would be interested in the Tracker.  Thanks for thinking of us.
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Yes, Please it would be a great help
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I was looking for the "soon to be out" trackers exactly because I was hoping for a food tracker! Yes, I'm interested!!!

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