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hi Medhelp....many people including myself have questions that should at times be answered by a doctor's opinion...in ANY of the forums HOW do we get to ask a doctor &/or get a doctor to answer???
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If you could let me know which forum you are trying to post in, perhaps I can help you.

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hi Mary....I have no questions in any of the forums at this time, however there are many that post that do and keep posting on an open forum thinking they will get a medical reply....I tried to steer someone in the right direction and I'm not even sure I knew what I was talking abt...told her to click on the EXPERT ACTIVITY...but aft when I tried I found this isn't the way..
Is there an easy way to do this?
Usually in the pain management/arthritis/neurology/back and neck/depression forums I find this as these are usually the forums I am in.

could there be a notation on each forum giving directions on HOW TO for people who do what to question a doctor?
thx for the help
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To post in an Expert forum, go to the Forums page. Click Forums at the top of the site and on the right is a list of all Expert forums. You can tell the user to go there to find the Expert forum that is most appropriate for their question. Alternatively, if the Forum is related to the Community you're already in, look for the Related Expert Forums on the right side of the community.

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I have a question about a test result.   where would I be able to get an answer.  Thanks.
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Hi there -

It looks like you posted in the appropriate forum.  We hope you'll get some responses soon.

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How do I post a question in HPV Expert Forum for Dr. H?
All the discussions I find are closed.
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Hi there.  We've closed our expert forums but you are able to ask your question in the HPV member to member community and our knowledgeable members will try to help you.  Here is a link directly to the community, http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Human-Papillomavirus-HPV/show/196.

Thank you and good luck.  
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Are you saying there are no expert forums at all anymore?

When did that happen?

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No, we don't have any Expert forums at this time.  They were closed in mid-2014.

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