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How to 'save' while writing personal message.

I have now written several personal messages that have not submitted for different reasons. Accidently hitting a random key can make my entire message disappear! I learned to use Ctrl C as I type, but that doesn't always bring back the text. Yesterday I wrote a long message, (spent several hours composing it), and after submitting, MH asked me to log back in! When I did, the message was gone. I tried using Ctrl V, but that didn't bring it back. I do stay logged in for long periods of time when I'm messaging. Is there a timeout period? How can I prevent being logged off? How can I 'save' personal messages?
Thank you.
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I've had that frustrating thing happen where I accidentally hit something on the keyboard and everything's gone!  What I like to do is after I've worked on a reply is hit control C (copy) before hitting the submit button.  That way, if the message disappears and if the power doesn't go out, I can plan to hit control V (paste) when I have to try again!
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When writing a lengthly reply, journal, PM, or otherwise, it's always best to write it in Word, or other similar program, then copy/paste it here when you're done.  It's also easier to check for spelling errors and such, as this site doesn't have those options.

Welcome to MH, by the way!
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Hi, em722,

A lot of sites automatically log you out after a period of inactivity.  Getting logged out unexpectedly because you're thinking/reading but not using the keyboard can be frustrating, but it's a security measure intended to guard your privacy, and privacy is a pretty big deal here.

One reason your text might disappear unexpectedly would be because you had it highlighted so that you could CTRL-C it.  In that case, hitting any key would definitely erase it all, or replace all of it with whatever keystroke you just made.  

Before you lose hope, though, try clicking the "Edit" link at the top of your browser and, if it's available in the dropdown menu, click "Undo" to see if  it restores your text.  That maneuver has saved me more than once. :)

As LivingInHope and nursegirl mentioned, you may want to use a local program to write long responses (Notepad's a quick one if you use a PC).  That way, no matter what happens here, you'll always have a copy on your machine, no matter what happens at this site.

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In the interest of disclosure- I copy long responses right here in medhelp rather than another program before submitting- probably not as safe, but also not involving wprking two different programs for the same post.
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It's actually not that big a deal, just have both windows open at the same time.  I only do that if I'm penning an extra long reply, or a journal, something like that.
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Thank you. I have to admit, up to now, I did not know how to copy and paste. This is my trial run. I am working in WordPad. We'll see......Thank you for your help. Em

Voila! Success. As you said. 1) write the message on WordPad or Word, 2) highlight everything written, 3) press the ctrl and c buttons, 4) go to where want to post, 5) press ctrl v and there it is.
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Oh, brother. I just now wrote a response to everyone, highlighted it and hit shift c instead of ctrl c and lost it all!  I'm just really good at making text disappear!

The timeout period explains some of my lost missives. A time or two, when particularly long-winded, I've taken a break from composing a message to return later. Any idea how many minutes between last keyboard activity and logoff?

I don't have an 'undo' option in the 'edit' dropdown. But I think if I do the ctrl c method correctly, I'll have more success. I have been writing a paragraph, highlighting and ctrl c-ing it, writing the next and ctrl c-ing that paragraph. So when I pressed ctrl v, I just got the last paragraph back.

Armed with this information, and my new 'copy' and 'paste' skills, (about time), I'm ready to 'message' again.

Thanks everyone,

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If you are using Windows, you can also use ctrl + z for undo.

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Thanks Em
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Em- You're welcome for the control C and control V shortcuts!

Yeah, you have to paste after you copy your text before you are able to copy something else.  Or, if it's all one thing you're going for, you just have to start over on the highlighting, include your new text, copy and paste it all.

Sometimes I've noticed when the system has logged me out- when I'm doing the answer somebody's question section I think perhaps, when I sign back in my message is still there, which is nice.  But control C and control Vhas really come in handy for me.

Nursegirl- I know opening another program and toggling isn't that hard, but I just take a chance typically and copy and paste on Medhelp itself.
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The easiest way to stay logged into MedHelp is to click the checkbox next to "Remember Me" when you log in.
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Are you referring to "remember my login information" when signing up?
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Yes, you are correct.

I've never had to copy/paste from another application, but I always have Remember Me checked. Hopefully this will help you too.
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Thank you. I will try that. I thought "Remember Me" was to keep one logged in for the next visit. Always something to learn....

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