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I think I've got a couple of good ones!

My first suggestion would be an "Invite your friends to Med Help option" so we could invite our "outside" friends to come here by showing them a little preview!

My second suggestion is to get what everyone else is already using and add a feature that lets you send a page or article from Med-Help to our Facebook or other social networks. That would increase your memberships by leaps & bounds! So it would help you guys out too.

I love my Med-Help and know that others would too if they only had a chance to experience it a little bit.

Live Streaming music wouldn't be bad either! Thanks for listening.
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Hi there,

I'd like some streaming music too, if I can set my own playlist :-)  

We do have the option to share forum posts via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter -- see the "Share this:" portion of your post.

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We also have an "Invite a Friend to MedHelp" tool. Here's the blurb from the Help files:

MedHelp allows you to keep in touch with those that you already know in the real world through our Friends and Family application.

To add friends and family to this group, you must invite them by clicking the “Invite friends and family” link under the Friends & Family application on your profile page. This is also accessible by going to clicking on Page Settings, the gear symbol at the top right of your profile page, and use the Share This feature.

This is for users who want to share a Personal Page or their Profile. When the invited friend joins, they will show up in the Friends & Family application if both users have the application on their page.

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