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Is it possible to add a spirtual tracker?

It would be awesome if we were able to track our spiritual growth and experiences in the same manner we track our moods and other life affecting factors.  Just a thought.

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MysticSymphony - We're very sorry to hear about your past experiences. It sounds like you would benefit from the anxiety/panic tracker, which is already available on the site.

Medic48 - Thank you for recognizing that limited resources doesn't allow us to do everything for everybody. We have many requests for trackers and we still haven't launched trackers for the much requested conditions of allergies and seizures. In addition, there are many upgrades we can do to our existing trackers to make them more useful, such as overlaying data from multiple trackers into one or to allow you to search and view other trackers by treatments, symptoms, events to find others like you.

It is a difficult task to prioritize our members' needs and if there are enough members who want this and feel that they would use it on a daily basis to further their PHYSICAL or MENTAL health, we would reconsider. If you are interested, just leave a comment.
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I think that people are asking for a bit much here.

I understand that spirituality can help in both mental and physical aliments but to consider it as a tracker may be a bit much. At one point Med Help will need to make decisions based on what is a tangible incremental development versus a subject. I feel it would be an unneeded waste of resources.

Suggestively, the usage of Journal entries or notes would be the recommended way of tracking such occurrences that MysticSymphony described.
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Dear MedHelp,

I also respectfully disagree, and find Thomas's response encouraging but not all-inclusive.  I am currently recovering from emotional abuse from membership in a cult that I was not aware was headed in a debilitating direction.  After consulting with my psychiatrist regarding odd phenomena of nightmares and memories that surface in more detail each day (I am 3 years out of this organization), I have been encouraged to seek counseling regarding this issue- 2 years earlier, I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and now that many of my major life changes have stabilized, the only emptiness I am left with is the complete inability to enter any religious organization without becoming completely terrified- which I thought at first was for no apparent reason.

I can recall that spirituality and meaningful connection with God was once important for me, and as part of my physical and mental health, as well as my spiritual health, I would love to have the option of tracking my ability to grow through this experience and be able to face it without fear at some point in my life, rather than continue to have it resurface in the form of nightmares and unwanted moments of memories that spur panic attacks.

I gratefully request that you might reconsider your decision regarding a spirituality tracker.  I am sure that I am not alone in my experiences.

Respectfully Yours,
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I respectfully disagree.  As one that has suffered bouts of depression over the years, from what I read and based on personal experience, I think there may well be a direct correlation between, who are we and what are we doing here, and health in general, especially mental health.  I have no organized religious affiliation, but I am hopeful there is a supreme being.

I cannot think of anything more debilitating than to accept that this is all there is.

Kind regards,

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Although we do agree that is important to grow spiritually, we're not sure that this type of tracker is very medically-related. The mood tracker helps our users who have been diagnosed with depression, bipolar, or other mood disorders. Unfortunately a spiritual tracker may be a bit off our focus.

Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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yes !
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