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Mood Tracker Journaling Still broken

I think this is a repeat but perhaps I'm the only one still dealing with this?  

I'm able to enter new data for everything else in Mood tracker but when I try to enter a new journal anytime past Dec 11th it just doesn't work.   I can still edit the Dec 11th journal.  Does anyone know whats going on?
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Hi there,

I know you have been talking with Emily and others about this in the recent past.  I assure you that the engineers are still working on this. I'm sorry that it hasn't been corrected yet.

Thank you for your patience, again.

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Please understand I'm not angry or worked up.  I just don't understand whats going on.   I figured it might be working for everyone else and I had something set wrong.

For what its worth I think that Mood tracker is a really great resource.  Its difficult to not have it going.   Journaling is "therapy"

Please tell those engineers HELP!
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Hi - unfortunately, it's affecting a number of users, not just you.  We're hoping this issue will be fixed quickly so you can get back to using the journal for these purposes.  I'm so sorry for the delay!
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It seems to work better if your entering data to mood tracker.  The most serious problem now is that entering a journal keeps posting it as global not private.  Sharing what was. Thought to be private and havving somebody commenting nearly gave me a stroke.  Does anyone want this kind of feedback?  *I think the privacy stuff ought to go to the top of the list.  It's just my 2 cents worth.
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We are looking into these matters as priority issues, and thank you for your update.


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