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No more syncs App-Web

I there.
Starting from October 22nd I cannot sync anymore the data I insert into my iphone app with my on-line Tracker, even if I'm logged in.
I tried to log out and then logged in again, but nothing happened.

Concerning the app and the charts you provide, even if they look great, I have a suggestion.
Why don't you allow the user to do a re-scaling of the charts?
I'm around 60kg and the upper bound is 150kg and even losing 3 or more kilos it's frustrating to see that the weight chart is almost (and always) a horizontal line :)

Thank you.

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I'm sorry you are having problems with the app. It would be really helpful if you also could tap on Settings in the app (either by tapping on the 3 bars at the top to open the menu or on Settings at the bottom of the app, or on your phone in Android), then Support, and send us an email. If you could say "yes" when it asks you to send data, we will be able to check things out from our end. If you need more specific instructions for your app on your device, just let us know, as these are general instructions.

This will allow us to capture your data, and what type of device you use the app on, and what version of the app you are having. If you could type in the email that you posted here, and a brief explanation of the issue, that would be great. If you have some specifics of what hasn't synced, that would be great, too.

We appreciate it, and apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
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After numerous posts on the subject of phone to PC browser synchronisation there has been no further news/updates/posts giving ant resolution to the problem,  You are letting your users down and many will move to other 'working' apps from your competitors.

I don't want to move, I like the PC browser pages but I am very disappointed that you have made no attempt to resolve the much discussed Android synchronisation problem.
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Hi there -

I'm so sorry you are having problems still. I don't have any updates, and it's a holiday weekend in the US, but I will see what I can find out this week for you.

Again - our apologies.

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Any news??
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Hi there -

No, I'm sorry I don't have an update for you, but hope to soon.

It's really helpful if you can keep all your app questions limited to our app support mail. We understand you are frustrated, and apologize for that, but it makes it harder to track our communications with you if they are all over our site.

We hope you understand.

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