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Ovulation Tracker

My suggestion for the ovulation tracker is to add an event for interrupted sleep so it is easy to see if abnormally high or low temps were caused by that. It would also be helpful for it to make the temp point on the chart look different when you check interrupted sleep for that day, like put a circle around that point or something.
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Sleep disturbance is now available as an event in the Ovulation Tracker. Thanks for the suggestion!


For women trying to conceive, our ovulation tracker can help you identify your ovulation days: http://www.medhelp.org/land/ovulation-calendar
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Thanks for the suggestion. We'd be happy to add Sleep Disturbance to the Ovulation Tracker. Unfortunately, we won't be able to automatically change the circle right now, but we'll keep that on our list of to-do's for the future.

Trying to conceive? Start tracking your ovulation signs with a MedHelp Ovulation Tracker.
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