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PTSD Tracker - write in everybody!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you make a tracker for post-traumatic stress disorder?
If anyone reading this feels they could also benefit, please take the time to write in.

Lets make it happen everybody  :)  
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I agree 100% with everything else thats here why not one for those of us with PTSD?
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PTSD seems close to bipolar to the untrained eye, but it is a completely different animal.

PLEASE create a tracker for this, since a lot of the treatment for curing this disease happens to be tracking moods and events.

Additionally, PLEASE add HYPERVIGILANCE to your mood tracker.  My meds are used to interrupt this behavior.

Thank you,

Jess Bart-Williams
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Thanks for the suggestion. Post traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. We already offer an anxiety/panic tracker. Does this not meet your needs? If not, we can add or modify the tracker to better meet your needs. Please tell us what does or does not work for you.

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Would it make more sense to add hypervigilance to the Anxiety/Panic tracker?
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My PTSD often manifests physically when I have "flashbacks" etc.  I would use an addition to the anxiety tracker to allow me to note that it was a PTSD flashback that manifested physically as well as mentally/emotionally.  Also having field to spevify the trigger, maybe into categories of common triggers, like sounds, smells etc.  And being able to note and track what the actual flashback experience was.  

For me, I had anxiety before my trauma (Car accident5yrs ago)  I had anxiety attacks where my hands would go numb and I could tell I was anxious, but the PTSD flashbacks are totally different.  I would say it is worth it to have a dedicated PTSD specific tracker.  Especially with the number of soldiers coming home in need of PTSD specific help.
Some like me may not realize that many physical sensations can occur in ptsd flashbacks.  So the ability to track those would be of great help to me, and anyone else who is still figuring out that the sensation of nerve pain they are having can be from a ptsd flashback.  Hope that helps

All in my humble opinion of course :)
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