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Password and login link not working

Hi.  I'm trying to change my password, like everyone else these days.  When I click the password link, it just logs me out and asks for a sign in again.  Changing doesn't seem to be an option.
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Hi, hbananas,

I'm sorry you're having this problem.  Does this happen when you enter your new password and then confirm it by entering it again?  Or does it happen when you click the "Login & Password" link under Accounts & Settings?  

If you haven't done this already, it may help to clear your browser cache and try again.

Can you tell us what browser you're using?

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It happens as soon as I click the login and password link in account settings.  I never get an opportunity to change it.  I have cleared the cache and tried again in both IE and Chrome and got the same result.  Previous instructions I have read make it sound like login and password should be two separate links.
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Please check your messages.  Thanks.

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