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Suggestion for Pain Tracker

Hey all!!!  :) :)

I just want to say I LOVE the pain tracker and it really helps me track where my pain is from day to day.  I would just like to ask or suggest that we can have it where every square or box that is checked can have a different type of pain and a different intensity.  For example, I can have two different types of pain in my middle back, a throbbing pain on the right side and a burning pain on the left and the intensities may be different as well.  It happens almost every day like that but it's the only thing I can't track accurately.  Other than that, it's a great tracker!!!  :) :)
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Hi there -

Thanks for the great suggestion!  We'll certainly pass it on to our Developers and Engineers.  

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Hey Emily!!!  :) :)

I was just curious if you heard anything back from the Developers and Engineers on these suggestions??

I have another suggestion to add to the same tracker, if in the drop down menu that lists the types of pains, would we be able to add "TIGHT", "KNOTTED", and "STIFF" to it as well.  I find a lot of the time I am knotted, but wouldn't know how to describe it other than "twisted".  :)  Thank you so much for your help!!  :)
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