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Suggestion on type of Tracker

is it possible that you could make a Tracker for Multiple Personality Disorder/DID.. that way we could keep track of how stable we are or unstable we are.. and if we are making progress or not making progress.. in crisis stage or not.. if we are finding skills helpful for us at the time or not.. we dont know.. we just need something to help track whats going on with us and help keep track of things better.. we would really really appreciate this and the help..

we also have some that live with Depersonalization.. we dont know yet if you have that type of discussions here or that type of tracker.. but thats another major one that needs tracking and looking after for us..

thank you..

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Thanks for the suggestion. We'll certainly add this suggestion to our list of tracker requests. If anyone else is interested in a Multiple Personality Disorder tracker, please leave us a comment below. We'll let you know when it's available.

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thank you so much Med Help..

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Hi, this would DEFINITELY be helpful!  To be able to track this would be wonderful!!
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Swampy is interested in this as he doesn't know much about this disorder. It tends to make the news only what someone is severely affected but Swampy bets most people have milder symptoms.

How would you track such a thing? What are the symptoms you would use?

Assuming it would something like the mood tracker, with various levels of stability.

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