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Is anyone having trouble with the Android App?
I cannot login as of miday 8/22/14. Things were working earlier in the day and obviously the PC is working.
I continually get the"WELCOME BACK" page that is prefilled with my info but it always results in the "Invalid username and password " message. I had this problem when I first installed the app a few weeks ago but noticed a few days ago that it was working. I am thinking of un and reinstalling the app. Any advice?
I have invested many hours using the PC and Google interfaces and do not want to start using another product or two different sites.
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Hi, Vince,

Can you let us know which app you're having problems with?  You may already have tried this, but if not, can you re-enter your login info by hand (instead of using the pre-populated fields) to see if you can get in?

Meanwhile, I've notified our engineers about the problem you're having.  I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi Vince -

All of your info has been backed up on the site, so you can safely uninstall it if you choose to do so, if Claire's suggestion doesn't work.

Let us know if either of these work.


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Thanks Emily, re-install did the trick.
All seems OK but my foods are not appearing yet. I entered a meal and  logged off the Android app. Will my foods from the PC App eventually appear in the Android App?
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Hey Vince -

Just to double-check, have those appeared yet? If not, can you try restarting your app? If that doesn't work it would be really helpful if you also could tap on Settings in the app, then Support, and send us an email. If you could say "yes" when it asks you to send data, we will be able to check things out from our end. If you need more specific instructions for your app on your device, just let us know, as these are general instructions.

This will allow us to capture your data, and what type of device you use the app on, and what version of the app you are having. If you could type in the email that you posted here, and a brief explanation of the issue, that would be great. If you have some specifics of what hasn't synced, that would be great, too.

We appreciate it, and apologize for any further inconvenience this causes.
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No, Dave as of 8/25/14 20:00 EDT only foods I add in the Android App are displayed.
How does one restart the app. I have removed it from the list of active apps and repeatedly powered down my tablet. Is that sufficient?

I will address this through the app's Support function with data immediately.
For tracking purposes I have added the comment "entered from tablet" in the specific meals added there. BTW the Android entered data is visible in the Web App.
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Report 03802-05513-00063 sent 21:32 EDT. via Android
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Hi - I'm an ios user myself, so I'm not sure if that's all you need to do to close out an app on an android device, but I will check for you.  However, the report you sent will be greatly helpful to us.  Thanks for doing that!
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I made another entry in the Android app and the new Food has not yet appeared in the Web app but the meal has. I will check it tomorrow to see if it arrives. If it does not it would add another piece of evidence in the mystery of the missing Foods. I also wonder what would happen if both apps are open at the same time?
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We do appreciate your continued patience in dealing with this issue. I know our team is looking at that on our end, and your continued updates are helping with the overall solution as well. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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