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Tracker Requests - Exercise, Diabetes and Pain

Hi Everyone,

Many members have requested a pain tracker, a diabetes/glucose level tracker, and either an exercise tracker or more functionality added to the weight tracker. We wanted to let you know that all these trackers are on our list of to-do's and we're trying to get to them as quickly as possible. We thank you all for your suggestions. If you'd like to have these trackers added, please add a comment to this post rather than creating a new thread. We'll let you know when the new trackers are available. Thanks!

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I LOVE the idea of the pain and exercise trackers!  I have endometriosis and want to start really keeping track of my pain so I can show my doctor.  But also, I've seen the weight tracker when I've clicked on peoples' profiles.  I haven't used it because I don't particularly want to advertise my weight!  I'd rather it be something only I can access.
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AH HA!  I just went to add the tracker to check it out and discovered that you can keep it private!  Great!
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I'd also like to see a pain tracker and an exercise tracker.  Could you make the exercise tracker accessible to people with medical conditions that limit their ability to exercise?  I've seen exercise trackers on other sites where the options are all things like going to the gym, whereas I have severe ME and for me, exercise can mean simply getting out of the flat.
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i would love a glucose tracker and also some new features on the weight loss tracker!! i'm so excited...can't wait for them to be out and start using them! ;0)
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I don't need a glucose tracker, but I'd love a facility for marking the times of day when I eat, perhaps in a similar fashion to the way sleep is marked on the sleep tracker.  I need to eat every few hours for a variety of medical reasons, and I think there are a variety of medical conditions this is true of.
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I think a pain tracker would be a great tool to present to the doctors during an appointment.  I am also limited in the amount and types of exercise I can do due to Degenerative Disk Disease, Fibromyalgia, and other undiagnosed autoimmune troubles I have.  It would be nice if the new exercise tracker could accomodate all of us in some way or another.

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As I have said before for me the exercise tracker needs to include a step graph -  so we can plot daily steps -  the recommended level is 10,000 a day so it would be good to be able to plot how many we actually do -  I am a huge advocate of pedometers - it was a shock to me how little I actually did until i got mine.

Also an inch minder -  being able to plot measurements of neck, chest, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, upper arms, forearms would be very beneficial... teh current plotting of waist hips and chest on teh weigh ttracker is not motivational as the incriments are not noticable.
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We don't currently measure chest. Are you referring to the neck measurement? We've already moved that to another chart per your previous comment. Here's a link to that thread:


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i would like a pain tracker.  i am a t5 paraplegic for 30 years and my sholders and neck are always hurting because of pushing my chair for s30 years and i have myelomalacia .  it would be good to track my pain in relation to the things i do physically and also the medications i try.  

most importantly, being about to track pain in relation to activities

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I have trigeminal neuralgia and a pain tracker would be awesome.

Sorry, I put a new thread. I thought I was posting a response to this one.
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Please please please....pain or headache tracker. Please don't just do migraines. I have combination headaches so I need more then one possiblity of type.
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I am looking forward to the pain tracker and think it will help a lot of chronic pain Pt's keep track of their pain and what time and activities and meds if any contribute to their pain. This will be very helpful also in helping their Dr's treat their pain in the best possible way.
Many CP Pt's do not realize that everything they do affects their pain levels and the pain tracker will make things much clearer for them and therefore help them in controlling their pain.
Thank you Med Help, we look forward to the pain tracker in our community ( pain management) and appreciate all your hard work in making it possible.
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Yes!  A pain tracker would be fantastic!  And with that, the ability to track drugs taken or things done to relieve the pain, like using ice/heat, lying down, etc etc.

Again, with this and with all trackers, flexibility to change the labels is key. Coming from a computer programming background, I can speculate on how these trackers work on the back-end and it seems to me like it would be easy enough to just change the labels on the back end that are used for calculations to just be something generic like Option1, Option2, etc, and then let the users create their own labels that mean something to them.  

Like one person said, for them, just getting out of the house would be considered exercise (same for me, with my constant pain), but for others, a 50 mile bike ride would be something they would like to record.

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I would love a pain tracker. I could keep track of the things that make my SI Joint "go out." It would be so easy for me to punch it on one a tracker instead of trying to keep a notebook. Please see if this is possible. A Million Thanks, Tuck
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i cannot tell you how much this would help me to have these additional 3 trackers on this site.   all 3 apply to me and would be greatly appreciated.    thank you
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how about a vitamin and supplement tracker
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We're happy to announce that the much-anticipated Exercise Tracker is now available. You can access this tracker from your Tracker panel on My MedHelp. Just click Add a Tracker and choose the Exercise Tracker.
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Sorry! I already posted a new comment but, yes, throw me in for a glucose tracker!
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Add a glucose tracker
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cancer remission ticker? just like the addiction ticker??
just another suggestion ... i like the new trackers/tickers and ty so much
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On the exercise tracker, can you add something that will let you count reps of an activity?  Like number of crunches, number of jumps, reps lifting weights, etc?  

And oops, I also accidentally posted a separate thread, but why is the step counter limited to 1400 steps?  By my calculation, that is only 2/3 of a mile.  (1 step = 2.5 feet, 5283 feet = 1mile)

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Thanks for the suggestion. We will add a cancer remission ticker to the list of to-do's. Out of curiosity, would you want this tied to the chemotherapy tracker?
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The number of reps is an interesting value to track. We'll definitely consider adding it and let you know if it becomes available.

The 1400 step maximum is a bug and should be fixed this weekend. It was originally supposed to be 100,000 step maximum.

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We just released a new Diabetes tracker today. You can get it in the Diabetes community at: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/46 . We're going to be adding to this over the next few weeks, so please let us know your feedback. Thanks!


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