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Why is there only a forum for lapband surgery?

I would like to see a forum or forums for people that have had or are considering other weight loss surgery methods other than the lapband surgery.

I think appropriate forums could include: Vertical Banded Gastroplasty, Complications, Revision surgery, Feeding Tubes, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Gastric Sleeving etc. I am very curious as to why lapband is the only listing being that it is the newest and there are far more people that have had the other surgeries that could help each other and support them.

I would be even willing to moderate a few, I had the vertical banded gastroplasty, followed by revisions, stomach removal and a gastric bypass and probably looking at a feeding tube in my future. There are many aspects including nutrition etc that I am knowledgable in, willing and able to support people in as well.
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Hi Jazzi,

Do you think all weight loss surgeries could be in one forum, or do you think they need to be in separate forum?
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It might be due to lack of people liking to share information about lap band surgery. But no worry as single drop all together make a river so any individual who think to create awareness or discuss about the lap band surgery should start creating forums.
One of the main issue with lapband surgery is financing to afford total treatment cost.
Obese people looking for lap band surgery but no sufficient fund sources are still able to have lap band surgery by means of availing lap band surgery medicare pay benefit that will help to manage fund for the treatment.

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