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Best treatment for MRSA in the arm pits sweat glands

Hello! I am a police officer and work for a Medical University. I have been diagnosed with mrsa in my sweat glands. The first outbreak was under my right arm and I was treated with antibiotics. It appeared to have gone away. Now, about a month later, it is back and now in both arm pits. My family doctor has placed me on antibiotics again. This is extremely painful and it makes it worse because my bullet proof vest rubs the very large boils. Would it be beneficial to ask to have my sweat glands removed? What type doctor best treats this type of infection?
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omg i have the same problem n they dont know what it is??!!! maybe u just answerd my questions  n helped me figure out the painfull journey ive been goin through. i had sergery the 28 of last month under my right underarm n about 1 week ago the same problem has appeared under the left arm but it sooooo much more painfull and im goin back into sergery on the 18 but the doc. today said he didnt really know what it was, he just thinks its a infected sweat gland and that scared me not nowing what it is n why i have it. im so glad i read ur story it gives me hope:)write me back please n let me know how everything works out for you.
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MRsa is very hard to get rid of. I had it in a large pus pocket in the back of my upper leg. it was awful and I couldn't sit down or lay on it at all. You can pick up MRSA from a hospital caused by a Sath infection. Somethime from other people. You can have it lanced by a doctor so it will drain but keep it covered and use gloves and wash your hands with a good antibactieral soap. You have to get on just the right antibiotics which may take several to get ride of the infection. Then to check if it is truly gone you can get a nose sawb test but you have have it checked twice or everytime you go to the hospital they will suiteup like you are some kind of nastey person they are afraid to touch. But MRSA is very easy to pass on to other people. Over look my spelling but I do know what I am talking about, my daughter is an RN that works in a large hospital. Take care you two and hope it gets gone soon.
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I have had it over and over again in my sweat glands. Each time they give me antibiotics and it goes away for a little while and then comes back. I am so tired of dealing with this painful crap. If anyone has gotten any relief please let me know!
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Hi, steph2317, since you are the most recent poster I will reply to you as I am now the community leader. Maybe if the other people are still around they can read this too.

How did you acquire your MRSA? Have you found out if it is resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) or just another strain of staph aureus that comes back?

If you acquired it in the hospital vs. acquired in the community it is different.

If you acquired it in the community it may be less resistant to antibiotics however it can have a toxin or toxins. These can cause other health problems like pneumonia.

The bacteria in the nose or skin can increase the risk of getting community acquired MRSA but not transmitting it to others that frequently. It is more from touching the skin that is infected and touching someone or an object.

If you haven't had any pneumonia from it that is great. But it is common to keep getting it back. Try not to touch the area and change towels, wash cloths and wash hands often. Sometimes when the doctor opens them it is can be worse. It depends. If it is under the arm it is near the lymph nodes and this can spread the bacteria into the blood stream. So, I would see an infectious disease specialist if you get recurrent MRSA infections.
You could be reinfecting yourself with something like a sink handle or towel etc. Use disinfectant wipes on handles and door knobs. Also, hand sanitizers help when you can't wash your hands. Hand washing is the best deterrent for reinfection.

You can apply triple antibiotic ointment if you are not allergic, as directed.

Hope this helps.

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