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Can anyone HELP ME?

Severe burning pain all over,swollen vagina and rectum throat soar no appetite,always in pain,constipated,and cant find anyone to help me.I've been getting worse since this first started almost a yr ago & noone takes it seriously-TRIED MANY TESTS ALL NEG-was positive for cdif now treated.Noone has any answers
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These forums don't have doctors but I will try to help. Have you had unprotected sex? Also do you douche? I am asking to try to find out what is going on.  So the Cdiff is gone now?  The burning pain sounds like a neuropathy. Have you seen a neurologist yet? Have you been on any drugs to relieve nerve pain? Can you give me any back ground as to what happened to you when this started?  I need to try to break down what has been done and what to rule out. I am sorry you are going through all this. My sister in law has severe nerve pain and is on many meds to try to control it. So, it is a hard thing to have if that is what you have. The other stuff such as swollen vagina, rectum and throat may be separate issues.  Have you had any tests for autoimmune diseases as well? Any fever?
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What physicians have you seen for this?  What tests have you had?
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