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Do I have rabies?

I was bitten by a dog when I was 6 or 7 years old, I'm not sure. My parents brought me to a traditional healer instead of a doctor. I didn't receive any shots of anti-rabies. I am now 16 years old. I haven't had any symptoms since I was bitten. It has been 8 years since the incident. I was bitten on my right leg. I need professional answers if possible.
1. Do I have rabies?
2. Do I need to get shots even though it has been 8 years? What should I do?
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No you don't have rabies you are fine. You would have gotten symptoms a long time ago. The dog that bit you must not have had rabies. You don''t need to do anything. You only get rabies if the animal had rabies, not just from getting a bite from an animal.
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If the dog had rabies it will transfer the rabies virus through its saliva to you which then you will need to get rabies shots before symptoms appear which can takes days to a year to incubate.

If you get bit by a dog with rabies you have about 6 hours to get a shot from the doctor that will block the rabies from spreading anymore throughout you body, just like if you had a fever and you took medicine for your fever. If you don't get the shot in less than that amount of time you will most likely die, if not then, then a few hours/days after. Even if you get the shot you may still have some symptoms from the bite. Such as muscle spasms, strange behaviors, drooling, pain, or even paralyzation.

However, it's been 8 years and you did not die - that means the dog had no rabies. So there's no need to get a shot.
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