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In Feb. I went from being a very active person to doing absolutely nothing but getting out of bed and sitting on the couch all day due to pain. I have been to my primary doctor, a stomach doctor, a lung doctor and a rheumatologist. They can find nothing wrong. My last laboratory test results on May 16, 2016.
WBC 16.0 K/uL
IgE 899 IU/mL

My symptoms severe pain in chest/back/right abdomen, swelling, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat at times, blurry vision, ears ringing, bruise easy, very weak and achy muscles and joints, sensitive skin headaches and dizziness, trouble with concentration/memory, depressed, numbness and tingling in hands/feet/left arm,sweating, fever, extreme fatigue, teeth breaking and decay, metal/copper taste in my mouth, extreme bowel changes, blood in bowel movements, feels like something is attacking my insides, do not sleep well, mood changes, high blood pressure (which began when this all started, the highest I have seen it is 200/125) dry mouth, always thirsty,nausea and changes in skin pigmentation.

We have 2 cats and they both have worms and live in the house.
I have done some research is it possible that I may have Toxocariasis visceral or Echinococcosis (Hydatid diease)????????
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Hi and sorry you have these symptoms and have been ill. We are not doctors on these sites but I am a microbiologist and can try to help some.  Did the lung doctor do an Xray? If it was negative they would usually see the Echinococcus parasites on the lung although it is rare to have it. As with toxomplasmosis it is also rare to get symptoms unless your immune system is very low due to some other illness such as HIV, or maybe diabetes or a transplant, chemo treatment for cancer some pre-existing condition you know about. The high IgE usually indicates either a parasitic infection or a allergy. So you could get a stool test for parasites in general and if they didn't do an Xray you can get one. Usually, the Echinococcus is found in dogs not cats. But the E. multilocularis can be seen in cats. Do you have diarrhea? Have you checked your liver and heart enzymes and lipid panel? You have a variety of symptoms some which don't fit a parasite such as your teeth problems. You can get that fixed separately. I don't think they are related but you can see an infectious disease doctor.  Have you been around any rodents or sheep either? Did you have your cats vaccinated for toxo or Echinococcus before this?  You may also want to get an MRI of the brain to see if there is anything wrong there and also a 24 hour monitor of the heart /EKG to check those things if you haven't to check for arrhythmia. It is a lot but it covers pretty much everything. So I guess you have to whittle it down to see what comes up.  The white blood cell count was a little high too which suggests an infection of some sort. That with the IgE could be also a sign of infection or an appendix problem (if lower right abdomen pain) gallbladder if upper right. So there  are a lot of possibilities.
Hope this helps.
p.s. you may want to get a colonoscopy to check the blood in the bowel. You can't just let that go unchecked too.
Also, have you have any exposure at home or work to Lead or Mercury? If so you have a number of symptoms of those. Usually, you would see the lead poisoning on the complete blood count though. I don't know about mercury. So you could also get tested for those.
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