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Help with Hematology labs

Hi, have labs for Hematology Monday, Hema appt near future, I have results of Hema labs from last week, does anyone have any idea what labs indicate.  I have always had a high wbc, a few years ago, oncology doc tells me some people naturally have high white blood cells, no abnormalties were found.  Since my thyroid was removed, I do battle a lot of infections, several times a year.  Assistance would be appreciated.    

wbc 16.9 (4.8-10.8)
lymphs 42 (10-40)
hgb 17.1 (13-17)
hct 50.7 (42-50)
mch 32.1 (27-31)
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Hi, have you had any viruses lately? If so it might raise up your lymphocytes a little. But really your slight increase in your results above normal isn't really much to worry about. Since you are normally high with your wbc count that is okay otherwise I would say you were fighting off a bacterial infection. It looks fine to me. I am not a doctor but I am a microbiologist and had a course in hematology. Some experience in the lab with it as well. So that is my take on it.
Hi, thanks so much for reply.  Certainly have eased my mind.  Recently, Nov 2017, I had a viral respiratory infection, took antibiotics, then Dec 2017 I had bacterial throat infection, took antibiotic, infection finally cleared up approx 2 weeks ago, stopped coughing etc.....    
Yes the bacterial throat infection raises your WBC count. The Lymphocotes or lymphs are responsible for fighting viral and bacterial infections. The other values are so insignificant I wouldn't worry about them.
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