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Is it possible to catch MRSA like this?

My question is about the infection MRSA (meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

I have caught this a few times now, and although I know the most common place for me to catch this infection is in a hospital.  I was wondering if any of you knew if it was possible to catch this infection from either having sex with prostitutes, or by not bathing daily.

p.s. - I know I could get the answer to this question by asking a nurse, but I would find it embarrassing to tell a nurse that I have sex with prostitutes or that I don't bath daily.  So if any of you could give an answer I would appreciate it.
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Firstly I am not a doctor I am a microbiologist. You shouldn't be embarrased that you don't bathe daily. I don't because I have eczema. It can actually dry out some people's skin. Every other day is better for a lot of people. But some go longer. You can get MRSA in the hospital or in the community. You generally wouldn't get it from prostitutes necessarily. It could be from any one or anything really.

The way to  get it is skin to skin contact with someone who has a sore or with someone who has a sore and didn't wash their hands and touches a surface. Then you touch that surface and touch your skin.  But, Staph likes moisture. So it usually is around areas like bathrooms, gyms, and on the skin it can be anywhere on the skin but I often see it on children on the face, and on anyone on the buttocks, groin, anal areas, because it is damp in those areas. Also, under the arm pits, and so forth. Sharing towels is  another way to spread it or from other people's wounds and bandages.

So, crowded areas, frequent skin contact, an abrasion on the skin. Sharing wash cloths, clothing. personal items.

It is not an STD and if you don't have a cut or abrasion you may not get it. But if you get one from the activity it is possible.

But as you can see there are many ways to get it. If you have any questions feel free.

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I have been told that once you have MRSA, is it always in your system.

If you've been postively dx'd with it before, you are colonized.  There are a lot of theories, herbal remedies, alternative therapies, etc, for "de-colonizing" yourself with MRSA, but it's all conjecture.

I spent last night at an ER for a recurring staph in my nose that has spread to my eyelids and cheek now.    I'm pretty sure its MRSA but no doctor will confirm it for me (I'm going to have to be a bit more aggressive.)  

I think I caught this over 16 years ago...my Nana was very sick in the hospital in isolation (MRSA wasn't as well known then) and I was supposed to only visit her with mask, gown and gloves.  Trouble was, the sight of me like that freaked her out, so I threw caution to the wind and just went in unprotected.  She was dying and scared, and I needed to touch her and comfort her.

My staph infections started after that.  

PS.  If you are concerned with getting infections and keeping healthy, AND you do engage in relations with sex workers, then please take pre-cautions.  No kissing, no oral sex unless you use dental dams, and always use a condom.    It's a funky world out there.....I don't even like sitting in doctor's office waiting rooms...good luck.
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