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Just tell me, could I have meningitis!?

I have been having the strangest symptoms for 8 week straight now:

headaches, pressure in head when bending over (not when coughing/sneezing/lifting), headaches in one spot when standing up, dizziness, smell phantom smoke smells, nausea, fatigue, big white floaters in both eyes, ringing ears, strange sore throat.

It all started when I accidentally had rain water (we are on a farm, its stored in tanks fed from a roof) forced up my nose. Its winter here btw.

Now I know I am anxious about it being a form of meningitis. With these symptoms I can't help it. I've gathered its too long to be Naegleria fowleri but now I wonder what other form I could have. TB?

But out of 4 doctors GPs, 4 visits to the ERs and a neuro I consulted there, none even contemplated my symptoms linked to the water, let alone it being meningitis, when I posed the question.

Can someone smart tell me, is it possible to have any form of meningitis after 8 weeks of ongoing symptoms from water up the nose? OK, I know anything is possible but .... In my understanding I would be the first person recorded to get any form of meningitis from water this way after 8 weeks from exposure and constant symptoms. I should be dead by now.

After so many tests done (MRI, CT, blood, eye exams) which are all clear, this must all be in my head, which is fine by me!!
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How are you?  Meningitis is usually diagnosed through blood culture, CSF examination, and CT scan. It is good to hear that all diagnostic tests were normal and this may point to other issues. Other issues to consider are primary headaches such as migraine, tension or cluster headaches which may present with headache, eye and neurological symptoms to name a few. If it persists, further evaluation by a neurologist may help. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Thanks Rowena for taking the time with the response.

I saw another doctor and he said its TMJ. Well I'll take that any day over meningitis.
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