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Odds of Naegleria Fowleri? The brain-eating amoeba. Cause for concern?

I was diving the lake I live on in Ohio and got water into my nose approx 10 days ago. Then 6 days later developed nasal congestion, facial pressure, and felt tired and ill. 7th day out I had a bout of early morning diarrhea. 8th day I used a nasal spray bottle to irrigate my nasal passages and felt better. Yesterday 9 days from diving I've had a slight frontal headache that to me seems to be from sinus pressure. My ears crackle when I swallow. I have a green mucus and post nasal drip. I feel slightly ill but it really hasn't stopped me. I've had a normal temp and normal sense of smell. My concern is though I can't seem to get the anxious thought of a naegleria fowleri,the brain-eating amoeba out of my head (no pun intended). I know the odds are slight to nil but its 100% if it happens to you. Should I be concerned?
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Firstly, It is extremely rare and usually found in hot water not cold water in the Southern U.S., but has very very rarely been found in Northern states. You have a fever with it and meningitis.  You can check this link.


You sound like you may have a ear infection or nasal infection if you have green  mucus. They can culture your nose and/or take a look at your ears and throat. Antibiotics can be given if you have a infection. I wouldn't worry about Naegleria.

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