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Posbbile Infectious Disease-- Please help me I am in severe pain.

I need help, please. (Reaching out for advice)
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Hello, I want to keep my story as short as possible.
July 9th and August 9th I had unprotected Coitus with the same girl. I found out later that she sleeps around a lot, and her ex-bf is a heroin-addict.

August 12th, I started developing symptoms. I have many symptoms, and it is just too much to tell you guys, and make you read. But my main symptoms I have now are pain in hands (THE PAIN IN HAND HURTS ALL DAY) and knees, and sometimes feet. And Stiffness in neck and right above collarbone. Also develop petichae on stomach and buttox.

Test results:
August 14th: HIV RNA-- Negative.
August 16th: Hiv antibody--negative.

September 6th test: CHlaydmia, syphillis, gono, hiv 1 and 2 duo 4th gen., hep A, B, C antibody tests, Herpes 1 and 2 test.-- All Negative.

October 7th Test: (repeat) CHlaydmia, syphillis, gono, hiv 1 and 2 duo 4th gen., hep A, B, C antibody tests, Herpes 1 and 2 test.-- All Negative.

October 16th: mononucleosis qualitative test: negative.

I have been all over the forums, and I am seeking help to know if anyone can help me or guide me what to do. I am negating cancer, lymphoma, etc.  because this thing happened after unprotected sex.

On august 16th, my CBC showed that I had 14.0 WBC, and 9.3 Neutrophilis, which are both indicative infections. I aslo seldom develop white patches on my right tonsil, then they go away in a day.

Mind you: all of these symptoms I am experiencing-- I have never experienced in my life.

I have been on many other forums, and no one answers me. I am a 21 year-old college student that does not drink, do drugs, and I am an math major. I am in the worst pain on my life. I am on medicare, as my family does not have a lot of money for private insurance. My doctor thinks I am making this stuff up and having a placebo effect. This is the most irrational bs **** I have ever heard. I am not looking for attention or sympathy-- I just want to know what is wrong with me, and if I can cure the infection or atleast manage it.

Questions for you guys:

1) What other tests should I run?
2) Given my test results what is the probability of me might having Hepatitis, still?
3) I was thinking tests for:
Lyme Disease
EBV-- itself versus monospot.
4) Should I switch doctors? Because I feel my doctor is very inept. and I feel he does not use objectivity well, and that he does not care about what I tell him.
5) I was thinking of switching doctors, and getting referred to an infectious disease specialist-- I am certain with their expertise, they would be able to diagnose what I have, and go from there. Is this common for Medicare to get a referral like this? I have the best medicare option, basically, I get all medicine for free, appointments for free, etc.


Hope you all have a good day.

*Note posted this on STD forums, was unaware that this community existed.
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