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Symptoms is killing me every seconds ..

I spoiled my life... My exposure was on 24 th sep 2015. Am male it was a paid sex I don't know about her status it was safe but I didn't check the condom later 2nd time it took about 10 to  15 minutes , that condom inserted by the lady I was not aware about that because it was my first experience and if I have my life back last too.. I had very stomach pain pointed sometimes right side sometimes left side sometimes my groun area and often it will com back also I went to Doctor and I did all test endoscopy colonoscopy ultra scanning he said it's perfect , I have shoulder pain right side its shoot pain and neck pain the stomach upset is getting better now but the I have white tongue little bit and som red and yellow spot on my throat when I look by a bright light can you please help me ?? Sometimes soot pain under my biceps .  I have done hiv Andibodies 4th gen+ by Elisa it came back negative after 11 days . It was duo test?? I don't know what is my status?? Can you please help me??
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First you sound like you were protected . But just in case you did these tests right? This is because you weren't sure if the condom was put in right and so forth?  Your symptoms don't really show anything significant.  Your bicep pain may just be due to  a strain.  The HIV 4th generation duo assay can detect HIV as early as about 10 days so that is good news. If you are worried about it to confirm you could do it at 35 -40 days but no later. The antigen peaks at that time after exposure. But I think you are okay. You could get tested for Hepatitis if you are worried both B and C. and STDs'. But I doubt you will be positive for anything. This all just in case. I think alot of your symptoms are due to stress. You are okay and the scans you had showed that you don't have any serious problems.

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