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bugs that refuse to leave me alonoe

Does anyone know how to eradicate any and all types of bugs that are invisible to the eye. This is the problem: They seemed to stop annoying me in the light vs the  darkness (at bedtime)- when they are very actively crawling on my head and other body parts.?  I have exhausted about every option. including: ..Lysol spray, oil of clove, tea tree, lemon, lavender, and neem, dust,mite spray, laundry  soap that kills dust mites ,ORTHO bug spray,and vacuumed used baking soda in my bath water, BOROX in the laundry, and I have called in three separate pest controllers who have found nothing more than ants that have been treated and are gone.  I have sent evidence to the Dept of Entomology at Florida State University...still waiting to hear. I bought a new mattress and box spring and wrapped each and my pillows in sealed covers, replaced all carpeting with tile, and no longer have any pets.  I truly do not  know what to do; lice, bed bugs, and ants have been eliminated as the problem.  
Pleading is an understatement.
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You might want to look at the post called Invisible bugs (not morgellons) below. It has a whole lot of posts. Towards the end there are some interesting ones.
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if it is something that is in your bed you could try spraying it with permethrin and was the sheets .i had a prblem where i felt itchy in bed so i used my dogs permethrin and misted my mattress and sheets and mattress pad in the morning in the afternoon i washed everything and vaccumed the bedit seemed to work .my dog may have brought something in the house .it wasnt anything i could actually see.good luck
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