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swollen lymph node arm, neck , ....

Hi guys;
I have a white tongue, muscle pain, swollen lymph node arm, neck, fatigue and .... All test looks good. What is wrong with me?

thank you
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Hi your symptoms are not specific. Have you had any exposure to anything? What tests did you have done that were normal? How long have you had the swollen lymph nodes in the arms and how large are the lymph nodes? Do you take any prescription meds? How long have you had these symptoms? The only thing I can think of is Epstein Barr reactivation. Most people have been esposed to it and have antibodes as an adult and sometimes you can have a re-activation of symptoms. Have you travelled recently? Been bitten by mosquitos or anything? What state or country do you live in.
i had blood count which came out normal. STD neg, ebv, herps1,2 neg, Hep c, neg. no bit or mosquito. ihave them for 3 weeks, very small, under my left arm. travel to mexico. live in LA, usa
Do you have any of the
Jaundice (the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes)
Low-grade fever (fever up to 102°F)
Pain in your abdomen, especially on your right side?

We have had a big outbreak in San Diego and also Mexico has it too of Hepatitis A. I wonder if you should get tested for that too? The lymph nodes are very small so those may be normal. They would be bigger if abnormal. So you mostly have muscle pain and fatigue.
i only have fatigue and muscle pain, gas in my digestive system and soft poop than usual. I had vaccination for Hep A and B BEFORE. I had no pain in my abnormal or liver location. Doctor checked it, the kidney size was fine. In my blood test, i have equal amount of Polys and Lymph equal to 3000/UL which is in range, but should not be equal. Also ,y sodium is 143 mmol/l which is very close to high range . My creatinine is at 1.3 which is at the hugh border, and Calcium serum at 10.4 which is slightly higher than the range.  I also sometimes feel chilly, no fever, voming. sometimes i feel that i am not as sharp as i used to be, like everything is fuggy. i also have white tongue.
I don't the white tongue is anything. Often it is just bacterial rather than an immune issue. Almost everyone gets a white tongue at some point. It couldn't hurt to get a stool culture for fecal pathogens and a parasite test. But they will probably be negative since you don't have diarrhea. Did the doctor have any idea? You labs are fine. It doesn't matter that they are boarder line. Are you taking any prescription drugs? Get any vaccines before you went to Mexico?
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