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Fibroid removal?

I'm 39 years old.  I have been trying to get pregnant for last 2 1/2years, i did my first failed IVF jan 09 i had 6 eggs they transferred 3 eggs on day 2 and froze the last three.. we did a natural cycle to transfer back the other 3 remaining eggs when they thawed the eggs two of them changed 1 went to 8 cell and 1 went to 9 cell, the other one stayed at 4 cell..  I did not get pregnant.. all eggs were a grade 4 (1-5, 5 being best grading)

I asked the dr if the many fibroids i have may be my problem with getting pregnant.. he said i do have many small ones but that they are all intraumural i have one at the top of the uterus and two at the base of the cervix, he said there's no way of knowing for sure.  i asked him to remove the fibriods, he stated that it would be too difficult becuase since they are intramural in the lining- he would have to do open surgery to remove them and he feels doing all the incisions would weaken the uterus.. he suggest we try IVF again..  My question is should i have another opinion, maybe he is not expericence with doing the surgery, i live in singapore and am aware that they are not as advanced as in the US or Europe.. He claims he could easily do the laser surgery via laprascopy if it was in the uterus there fore not harming the uterus..  My question, should i try to remove fibroids before doing my third IVF or should i leave them and hope that we get pregnant..  He said another reason why he didnt want to take them out was because when they did my first ivf my hcg levels were high on the 5th day which showed the pregancy was taking and he feels that the problem with the second iVF is that the eggs just didn't stick..

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As long as the fibroids are intramural and not near the endometrial cavity ie submucous or intracavity, the fibroids should not effect your fertility and surgery is not recommended.
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If I have submucous fibroid (in top uterius muscle) and it is PUSHING INTO THE CAVITY, should I risk surgery and have it removed before IVF?


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