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Is it possible I have IC? PLEASE HELP!

I have been experiencing chronic recurrent UTIs for the past two years. I've been married for two years, and have only been sexually active for a little over two years (same partner). However, the problem has been most noticeable and frequent in the last two and a half years; I have experienced occasional discomfort and burning from the time I was a child. My mom would never take me to the doctor for it, and would have me drink lots of cranberry juice. The UTI problem has been seriously wearing on me, as well as my husband, physically and mentally. The thing I find the most strange is the fact that I go in with burning with urination, bladder pain in general, frequency and urgency to go, and on top of all that sex can be painful and uncomfortable; yet I almost always get treated for a UTI and my culture eventually comes back negative. Some times I have "UTIs" 3-4 times in one month! The only thing that has kept the burning away is 100mg of Macrobid daily. However, sex still hurts and I still have some pain in my bladder. I also, get occasional slight burning still. I tend to be chronically dehydrated, because I find myself subconsciously avoiding fluids, because I realized I urinate quite often when I drink regular. One 8oz glass of water makes me go 3-5 times alone! I also have to get up at least once if not twice at night to go. I'm only 20 years old, so this doesn't seem normal to me. I would also like to add, that I take the UTI home test strips and they always come back negative for nitrites, but a high positive for leukocytes. I have also been told by a few ER docs that I have trace amounts of blood present in my urine. I've been to a regular urologist, and he treated me like I was some kind of hypochondriac. He said he had no idea why I was feeling burning when all of my cultures were negative. So, the urologist kind of dropped me as a patient and I am being seen by my regular family doctor again. I am now being sent to a OBGYN on referral for the "UTIs," as well as some other recurrent female infections, and I'm starting from square one again. I recently began to research the problem myself, due to desperation and I came across IC. It sounds so much like me! Now that I will be going to this new OBGYN I want to discuss the possibility of IC, but I don't want to sound stupid or like I'm telling the doctor how to do their job. More than anything I'm afraid to get shot down again. Does it sound like I might have IC? If so how do approach a doctor with this? I'm at a loss. Any advice would be a god send! Thanks.
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I suffered from the same issues for years. I finally gave up on my gyn doctor and went to a urologist. They initially only treated the incontinence and urgency issue. But when i popped up with what seemd like a UTi only to find out from the culture it wasnt, he suggested a bladder biopsy...after looking at the inside of my bladder......to rule out bladder cancer. after this ordeal i was told i had IC. I have recnetly moved out of state and now see a Urogyn doctor. that is a doctor who specializes in pelvic health. I have been put on Elmiron wich has eased most of the pain and cuts flare ups in half. i also had to change my diet but its worth it. I still take motrin *00 mg three times a day. the combination leaves my virtually painfree. good luck
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I was diagnosed with IC when I was 17. I had the same trouble as you are having with the symptoms. It makes it hard to live a normal life when you are in constant discomfort. I remeber missing class in college because I felt like I couldnt leabe the bathroom. I have found that anything acidic makes my IC flare up worse. I cant drink pop at all, not a sip! Also there is over the counter medicines that I keep around. Cystex and Azo they are not for IC but they really do help. There are tons of new treatments that can be done, bladder flushes, meds,etc but I've found that I can an manage mine decently. You need to drink plenty of water. I know it feels like it is making it worse but, it's not I promise. It actually helps. I hope this helps you know that you are not crazy or alone.
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