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Marshmallow Root Tea

I read somewhere on Facebook that some woman with IC was drinking Marshmallow Root tea. However one of the side effects listed via WebMD is that it's a diuretic. Isn't that one of the last things you'd want?

Just wondering.
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I've taken the pills and found them to have a better or similar effect as the tea. They almost instantly make the urethra feel a little bit coated. It's worth a shot. I've never had pain from them.
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I have not tried the marshmallow root tea, but I think it would be safe even with the diuretic side effect...if you think about many of the prescriptions they give us..one of the side effects is much of the time "drying you out" I have not been able to tolerate those due to having sjogrens...they all dry me out horribly...

The only way to know...is to give it a try and keep REALLY good notes on how you feel while using it as well as what you are eating/drinking, how your stress level is and of course exercise...I usually try things at least 3 times usually 6 tries before deciding if it's a good fit for me!

If you do decide to try it...let us know how it goes for you!
And Dim6...thanks for your feed back...I may have to give it a try...

My go to's are inositol, d-mannose, prelief and pyridium...when my pain just won't let go...I will do my vaginal valium and alternate ice (frozen water bottle on urethra area-with clothes between my urethra and frozen bottle) and heat pack..as I have pelvic floor dysfunction as well and many IC people probably do because when we are in pain we tend to contract the muscles and before you know it this causes the muscles to not be able to relax which can make things worse.... If I ABSOLUTELY must I will take a narcotic (usually a nibble of one, not the hole pill) I also have the interstim in so I play with that and diet is critical...low acid always...in a flare...nothing acidic! Hope that helps...it's what works for me...and I have 24 years worth of practice...have done the instills and distention...never again on distention...and most likely no to instills although I believe they are now using different medicine when I did it they used DMSO...I smelled like rotten eggs but it helped some...it's all about finding "Your" right fit!
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