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Morning bladder pain from IC

I have been diagnosed by 2 urologists and my PCP with Interstitial Cystitis. None of them have given me much insight into the disease or offered up much advice on how to deal with the pain other than a prescription called Utira-C. Which is a pill containing methylene blue that I can take up to four times a day for bladder pain. However, my doctor advised me not to take it too often. If I can stand to go without it, I should, he said. Because apparently it has long-term side-effects on the heart.. So I'm scared to take it at all now. I usually don't have much pain during the day, if anything, it's tolerable. However, I have the most excruciating pain in the mornings! I don't ever wake up in the night to pee but very early in the morning, usually around 6 or 7, I am woken up by the severe pain and can barely even get out of bed to walk to the bathroom. Even after I go, I have to get back in bed with the heating pad for a very long time to try and ease the pain before I can start my day. It's getting to be a real annoyance and the pain is almost unbearable anymore. Does anyone else experience this pain only in the morning time? And if so, have you found any solutions for easing or better yet preventing the pain???
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hi, I have that problem too. I have found that if I pee a couple of times during the night then the mornings are not so bad. I have a alarm wake me up. sounds stupid I know but if I don't then if feels like I'm going through labor all over again. the heating pad is a good I idea I use a rice bag, I heat it up in the micro. while I am in the bathroom and so it is ready to go, when I get done. as long as I do this then it helps out for the morning time. granted you will still have morning that you would rather just lay in bed and not move but maybe this can help you.  and for the doctors not explaining ic to you. my doctor told me to go to google and type it what is IC. no joke. the mornings are bad because of the acid in your stuff and it has sat for a long period of time.. I hope this might help you.
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sorry forgot to watch this.
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I have also been diagnosed w/ IC & I find that drinking a couple glasses of water can usually help with the pain.  My pain is usually a vaginal burning sensation.  Most days I get up before I want to & I drink a couple glasses of water & wait to pee a 2nd time. I usually feel better once my bladder is neutralized.  

Hope this helps!
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how was u diagnosed with IC only all the pain your talking about i have i walk like a 90 year old lady when i get out of bed in the morning's  coz of the pain and now im having pain all the time in my back and belly every time i go to the doctors im told i have a UTI again ive had over 15 in only 8month's this week i was told i had blood in my wee and no infection i just keep getting put on pill for the infection.
after reading all about this i think i may have this IC but i cant get my doctor to see that its more then just UTI that ive got..
what was all your symptoms?????
so i may go back to the doctors again!!!!!!!
an UTI would show up on a urine test, IC does not. Your's sounds like UTI or even a kidney infection. It should be resolved by now, get a refferal t o a specialist
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I need to  find a doctor my urology said that i don't have i c bout my gyn said i do to go to a urology i live in s c and can not find one
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