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I was diagnosed with IC a couple of years ago.  I go to the bathroom all the time and have pain.  The doctor that diagnosed me said to take Prerelief because any other medication would make me lose my hair.  Is this true or is there medication out there I can take to help me?
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Well, IC is primarily a diagnosis of exclusion. Though there is no definite cure, there are a few medications that might be beneficial in treating symptoms. However all of these may not be beneficial in everybody. A few cases would not respond to any treatment regimen. Hair loss is not a side effect of most medications. I would suggest consulting a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
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First of all, I would find another doctor.  Secondly, the medication he/she is speaking of is Elmiron, the first defense for IC.  A side effect could be hair loss, but few people have that problem, even after years.  A six month trial is usually the course, if it hasn't worked by then, it probably won't, but it is a miracle for some.  Super expensive, hope you have good insurance, but if you don't, Elmiron has a program to help with cost.  Really, though, find another doctor, or just go through your GP is he/she is familiar with IC, and print stuff out to educate him.  Can't believe that is all this doctor would do for you, you need more than Prelief.  Are you following the IC diet, and assume you are familiar with the IC-network and Interstitial Cystitis Association on the net.  If not, go there, and follow the diet.  So important.  Did the doctor even mention that to you???
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