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Need desperate help - IC/IBS/PFD Issues

was also diagnosed of IBS and IC 2 yrs back. It is atypical as I don't have pain or frequency but acute sensation in whole pelvis, which increases on sitting

Symptoms - Can't sit on hard surface even for few mins as it causes incontinence and pain as lower pelvic area is too weak. It also pains doing kegals and I can't squeeze or hold. Acute low back pain to a point that I can't afford to bend even 1-2 times a day. I do have terminal dribble and stress incontineNce too much.

Have few questions - Can it be something else too apart from IC, something systemic in nature. Since IC patients have PFD, can they still keep their pelvic floor strong enough to sit on hard surfaces?. Can IC be successully managed over life time where one doesn't develop incontinence etc and keep good overall & pelvis health ?. Is heat better for pelvic related back pain. It says on pack to use it for couple of hrs but I just use it for few mins ?. What all things can help other than medicines ?. Under what scenarios it can be useful to go for biofeedback etc. Also any good harmless pelvic exercise devices that can be used

I had a PT visit but can't make more under my insurance plan. At home how accurately is it possible to assess whether pelvic floor condition is improving or worsening. What signs/symptoms I can observe?
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Ok this is one thing that I have found I also have IC, and I am going to miss spell some things help but hopefully your get the hide. (hubby's asleep he's my spell checker) have they checked you uterus, to see if it moves. The reason why I am saying this is because mine does they had a blasted when I delivered my daughter. when it is tilted I do not even try to sit down it hurts so much. my hubby helps me lie down. and I have found that heat helps the best. also and this might not help you but it does me. my husband's butt. I curl up behind him and I have his butt right under my boobs, the pressure helps enough with the pain that I can sleep. Oh and I cann't take the meds that they use to treat IC so thats why my stuff is different. sorry if I scared you diddn't mean too. I'm just so happy that I have found some people with IC to talk to. good luck.!!!!
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I hate to ask this question  but can your guys describe the pain. I am really doubted that is IC i have . My pain feel like someone put a knife in my vagina and twisting and turning the knife. My uterus feels like it wants to come out .Sorry to be so graphics
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Have you considered nerve entrapment? Pudendal Nerve perhaps?
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Have you had kids? the reason why I ask is because my pain is like giving birth over and over again, the sad part is that it shows as contractions.  every month ... oh and I'm fixed. so we know that a baby is not the problem.
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